Written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
18 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: English
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Gary Kurtz The Bottle Cap and Coins dollar vanishes and appears under bottle cap in from of four quarters, they vanish and four Chinese coins are found under cap, they grow larger than the cap
Gary Kurtz Four Fisted Copper/Silver - transformation combo, two coins change in performer's hands and two in spectator's
Also published here 3
Gary Kurtz The Two Point Two Switch two for two
Gary Kurtz The Double Take Switch finger palm, classic palm
Also published here 5
Gary Kurtz Four Fisted II four quarters turn into four copper coins
Also published here 6
Gary Kurtz Inside/Outside two stapled cards turn inside out
Also published here 7
Gary Kurtz The Unidirectional Turnover
Gary Kurtz The Rivoli Assembly seven cards assembly, repeat phases
Also published here 9
Gary Kurtz Vice Versa, Versa Versa copper/silver transposition, both change to Chinese as climax, with wand
Gary Kurtz Trio in Three from 1981, three different coins travel under two cards, from hand to hand and back under the cards, Haden gaff
VariationsAlso published here 16
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