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Part One: Technique & History
Andi Gladwin The Reverse Cull intro
Andi Gladwin The Basic Sleight
Andi Gladwin Three Alternative Handlings reverse cull handlings with references
Andi Gladwin History credit information with many early sources
To have a card... early under-spread-force handling
Also published here
  • Asti Manuscript, ca. 1700 (Gibecière, Winter 2013, p. 53)
To make a Card touched by a person's finger to be any particular card early under-spread-force handling
Also published here
  • The Notebook (Will Houstoun, 2009, 1800s manuscript)
The Slipped Card early under-spread-force handling
Also published here
  • The Magician's Own Book, George Arnold, 1857
Hubert Picton Novel Discovery of a Chosen Card reverse cull as key card placement
Also published here
  • Stanyon's Magic, Vol. 4 No. 2, Nov. 1903
Ralph W. Hull Hull's "Hide-Out" Card Sleight showing that a card is apparently missing while spreading through deck, reverse cull
Also published here 19
Part Two: Reverse Cull Techniques
Three Reverse Cull Spread Force Finesses
Andi Gladwin Flickin' Hofzinser flicking the selection in under-the-spread force
Andi Gladwin Indifferent to Hofzinser removing the card from spread after under-the-spread force
Andi Gladwin Hoftake under-the-spread force handling
Andi Gladwin Spread Grab Force spectator reaches into spread and takes a bunch with reverse-culled force card at the bottom
  • A Simple Force
  • Grab Cut Force (cross cut force continuation)
  • Reversal
Andi Gladwin Swivelswitch card turned face down in spread, bottom deal type switch
Tomas Blomberg TB Spread Double double lift from a spread, starting with reverse cull
Also published here 41
The Culling Room Floor
Andi Gladwin Culling a Card Second From Bottom inserting a culled card to second-from-bottom
Andi Gladwin Hiding Something About a Card showing bottom card of fanned portion while covering part of it
Andi Gladwin Preparing for a Force reverse culling bottom card into center
Andi Gladwin As a Switch card shown as in-the-hand spread is broken, card then tabled
A. Berkeley Davis Repositioning a Card card and position thought of in packet, it is then lost and located, featuring addition of a card from the face to the back of a packet
Also published here
  • within "Slide and Hide" (Linking Ring)
Andi Gladwin Reverse Elimination Force sections of the deck eliminated in stages until one card remains
Andi Gladwin Adding a Roughed Card positioning a roughed card next to another card
Andi Gladwin As a Packet Add-On addition of a card from the face to the back of a packet
Andi Gladwin As a Business Card Prophecy Style Move
Part Three: Tricks
Andi Gladwin Memorised Centre Deal performer apparently memorises order and then deals out Aces to himself
Inspired by 57
Top Stock Rosette Shuffle
Troy Hooser Reverse Cull Stacking
Related to 59
Andi Gladwin All Over Displace Aces put face-up on top, they vanish and are instantly distributed throughout deck
Also published here 61
Andi Gladwin Scatter Daley Aces distributed all over deck as finale to Cavorting Aces
Andi Gladwin The Versatile Sandwich Sequence reverse-cull loading a card between two reversed sandwich cards in the middle of the deck
Andi Gladwin ATM Sandwich flourishy sandwich sequence
Inspired by
  • "ATM Flourish" (Oliver Sogard)
Andi Gladwin Vanishing Sandwich card travels from card case to sandwich in the deck
Blank Faced Card in Case box shown empty despite card inside
Related to
  • "A Spectator Does a Trick" (Frank Lane, Linking Ring, Aug. 1937)
Andi Gladwin Synapse quartet distributed face up in deck changes places with another four-of-a-kind on top of deck
Inspired by 73
Andi Gladwin TATFUS "Tabled Any Time Face-Up Switch"
ATFUS handling in which deck is on table, using count cop & transfer
Also published here 74
Andi Gladwin Kissing Cards two Kings always return to center face-to-face
  • Additional Phase
Inspired by 77
Andi Gladwin The Gladwin Thrust spectator stabs card reversed next to selection under the table
Inspired by 84
Andi Gladwin Collect Me Quick Collectors as skill demo
  • Easy method
  • Difficult method
Edward Marlo Bottom Unit-Upjog Addition see page 97 for credit information
Part Four: Multiple Reverse Culling
Andi Gladwin Multiple Reverse Cull two methods to reverse cull two or three cards simultaneously
  • Double Bottom Reverse Cull
  • Double Reverse Cull
Related to 101
Andi Gladwin Splitting the Arrow push-through failure, then repeat with sandwich cards around selection
Andi Gladwin Sandstorm collecting cards are fairly distributed yet appear face up on top with selections in between
Inspired by 107
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