1975-1978 ca.
Written by Lawrence Nudelman
Work of Lawrence Nudelman
10 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Levitan
Language: English
13 entries
Cover photograph
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Joseph LaMonica, Lawrence Nudelman Cups and Bills into Change chop cup with rolled-up bill as ball, final production of spring bill bouquet and cup full of coins
Lawrence Nudelman Producing $185 From a $1 Bill dollar bill rolled up and increasingly larger bills are taken out of it
Fred Kaps Newspaper to Dollar Bills "as shown to me by Deren Getz"
Lawrence Nudelman Two Halves on a String two coins travel from hand to hand at once, sucker element, method not clear
Lawrence Nudelman Newspaper Tear and Spring Bouquet of Bills torn up pieces of newspaper change into spring bill bouquet
Lawrence Nudelman Four Quarters Under Four Cards = One Silver Dollar silver dollar production finale
Lawrence Nudelman A Half-Dollar Becomes Two Halves - or A Pain In The Neck steal from neck/collar as elbow is rubbed
Lawrence Nudelman Producing Half-Dollars From Silk
Lawrence Nudelman Miracle Cups and Coins (The Nudelman Version) monte with three upside-down cups and one coin, three coin production
Lawrence Nudelman Changing a Quarter the Easy Way quarter changed into two nickels and a dime under handkerchief, wrist watch hold out
Two for One "as shown to me by Deren Gertz"
bill fold that makes one bill look like two, leaving it as tip
Lawrence Nudelman Four Halves Into Hankie
Lawrence Nudelman Vanishing Four Coins - (One at a Time) tabled routine, magnetic
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