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24 pages (Stapled), published by Kanter's Magic Shop
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Ralph W. Read Introduction credit information
Franklin M. Chapman Nail Writers: Types and Method on different types and handling
  • Getting Set for Action
  • Use Fairly Stiff Cards
  • How to "Nail Write"
  • Practice Essential
  • The Visible Lead Pencil
  • Repetition
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Franklin M. Chapman Identical Twins No. 1, two decks shuffled and then dealt in unison, two cards match at a certain position (percentage trick), card and position predicted on back of business card
Also published here 11
Franklin M. Chapman Light On The Subject No. 2, medium in other room divines a freely selected card, secretly written with nail writer inside matchbook
Also published here 11
Franklin M. Chapman A Whispered Selection No. 3, medium in other room divines a freely named card, secretly written on face of a card with nail writer
Also published here 12
Franklin M. Chapman Two-way Telepathy No. 4, two chosen cards predicted, two methods combined, "still as modern as television"
Also published here 12
Theodore Annemann Like An Open Book No. 5, book or magazine test with assistent or medium, information secretly written on magazine with nail writer
Also published here 13
Franklin M. Chapman Word For Word No. 6, medium in other room gets a selected word from a book, secretly written with nail writer inside matchbook
Also published here 14
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Easy Mark No. 7, book test, assistent divines word, secretly marking word and page with nail writer
Franklin M. Chapman, Al Baker The Quick or the Dead No. 8, list with names, one dead, it is divined by performer
Also published here 15
Franklin M. Chapman At The Bar No. 9,
total of three rolled dice is predicted
Also published here 16
Franklin M. Chapman Long Distance Telepathy No. 10, card with text mailed to spectator who is told to underline any word, it is predicted on another card
Also published here 17
Franklin M. Chapman The Swami Test No. 11, date, color and city predicted, "This effect is identical with that featured by Alexander in his full evening show."
Also published here 18
Franklin M. Chapman Telepathy No. 12, performer marks the face of a card with a pencil, spectator names any card, it is the marked one
Also published here 18
Conrad H. Haden You Think As I Think No. 13, named number or digit is predicted, repeated
Conrad H. Haden A Pinch Hitter No. 14, three three-digit numbers are predicted, stooge that nail-writes them in
Conrad H. Haden Whose Name? No. 15, assistant (or stooge) write freely chosen name on frame of slate and blindfolded performer then divines it
Franklin M. Chapman Seeing Red No. 16, freely named card predicted, nail writing through envelope with carbon paper
Conrad H. Haden Easy Card Prediction No. 17, chosen card predicted on business card
Chung Ling Soo The Invisible Hand No. 18, answer to a question appears on blank card
Also published here
  • Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena, Chung Ling Soo, 1989
Ralph W. Read Via Telephone No. 19, a prediction is made, then any person is called via telephone and the amount of money he has in his pocket is predicted, different nail writing based methods
Also published here
  • Ralph Read's instruction sheets for nail writer gimmick
Ralph W. Read Music In The Air No. 20, musical tune predicted in envelope
Also published here
  • Ralph Read's instruction sheets for nail writer gimmick
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Is It Telepathy? No. 21, letter, figure and geometrical design divined by performer
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