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34 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Bruce Bernstein Introduction
Bruce Bernstein The Opener "major effect", three psychological forces with entire audience, framed to give logical reasons for the decisions
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Bruce Bernstein Pseudo-Telepathy four spectators get an index card with instructions to think of a name, city etc., performer knows who thinks of what category and also exact thought, dual reality covering parts of index card as basic method, variations in method
  • The Stage Presentation
  • Alternate Stage Presentation (with a different basic method)
  • Variation #2
  • Variation #3
  • Variation #4
  • Variation #5
  • Alternate Handling #1
  • Alternate Handling #2
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Bruce Bernstein The Ritual person writes a negative thought on piece of paper and then stretches arm out to the side, depending on how close the paper is the performer can push the arm down easily or only with strength
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Bruce Bernstein The Croiset Affair performer's vision is written down in envelope, where he describes a person, people in the audience are eliminated until several people remain and they say what they think the password is, description of person and correct password is found in envelope
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Bruce Bernstein Into The Infinite tossed out deck, three people write their cards down, all cards are divined on billets, then two billets are burnt and card on remaining billet is found predicted in envelope
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Bruce Bernstein A Sporting Prediction prediction of sports game, two envelopes in larger envelopes, in one envelope is name of winning team and in other number of home runs , MVP etc.
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