Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
22 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings by Jim Steinmeyer
Language: English
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Jim Steinmeyer The 4 Envelope Test card verbally chosen (range force), then one of four envelopes chosen, it contains the card while the other three have Jokers
Also published here 1
Jim Steinmeyer, Max Maven Two-Way Envelope Handling
Also published here 2
Jim Steinmeyer A Tin Can Phone verbal force of Nine of Hearts, card is found in tin can phone
Also published here 4
Jim Steinmeyer Standing Up For McDonald stand-up with glasses
Also published here 6
Jim Steinmeyer Packet Half Pass
Also published here 8
Jim Steinmeyer Hamlet, Jack of Denmark
Also published here 9
Jim Steinmeyer La Forza del Destino one card chosen from paper bag with cards, it is missing in second deck and found inside a bottle
Also published here 10
Don Schrager Paper Bag Force cards dumped in paper bag which is shaken up, one card drawn from it
Also published here 11
Jim Steinmeyer The Unthinkable Stack "is the same value/suit among those?", age cards
Related to 12
Jim Steinmeyer Surgical Cards Across envelopes
Also published here 13
Jim Steinmeyer Fake Envelope Exchange miming exchanging two envelopes
Also published here 15
Jim Steinmeyer The Poem What Reads Your Mind printed poem shown to three spectators who each think of a word which is eventually divined
Also published here 16
Jim Steinmeyer Verse and Obverse spectator chooses word from poem with his forced
Jim Steinmeyer Six Chairs, No Waiting
Also published here 19
Jim Steinmeyer Imaginary Creatures verbal story "force" of Loch Ness Monster
Jim Steinmeyer A Pretend Magic Show verbal force of "elephant" with longer story
Also published here 21
Jim Steinmeyer Afterword
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