Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

60 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(46 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Learning To Steal 1
Karl Fulves Simple Side Steal with shuffle 3
Karl Fulves The Buckle Steal method for pushing out card 5
Karl Fulves Buckle Buckle 7
Karl Fulves Push Out simple ribbon spread hide-out application 8
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal plus applications
- Variation In Handling
Related to 9
Martin Gardner Daley's Card Thru Hank 11
Karl Fulves Steal and Shuffle 13
Karl Fulves Modified Side Steal card is transfered to tabled packet 14
Karl Fulves Clip Position 15
Karl Fulves Mind Control handling variation of gaffed deck 17
Karl Fulves Side Steal Reverse as deck is turned over 17
Karl Fulves Cut and Steal card is transfered to tabled packet 18
Karl Fulves Incomplete Notes application of Daley's Incomplete Side StealRelated to 18
Karl Fulves Peek Technique 20
Karl Fulves Cut and Double Steal card is transfered to tabled packet 20
Karl Fulves Peek Trap 22
Karl Fulves Peek Control quick running cut 22
Karl Fulves Other Peek Techniques letting a spectator peek at a card 23
Dai Vernon Step Lay Down after peek 25
Karl Fulves Side Steal Technique 26
Karl Fulves Swindle Steal card is apparently side stealed to impress magicians 27
Karl Fulves Free Form Steal left thumb stays at the SIDE of deck 28
Karl Fulves Negative Side Steal into left hand 31
Derek Dingle Side Steal Placement to known position 34
Karl Fulves Shirt Pocket side steal application 34
Harvey Rosenthal Applications 2. Side Steal Placement 38
Derek Dingle Applications 1. of Side Steal Placement 38
Karl Fulves Control to the Bottom 38
Karl Fulves Applications 3. Side Steal Placement, hole card is placed 39
Karl Fulves Throw Steal card is retained in Clip Position 39
Don Costello The DC Sandwich sandwiched card 40
Karl Fulves Trapped in the Past sandwiched card 40
Karl Fulves Past Performance sandwiched card 43
Karl Fulves OH - The Preliminaries intro for one-handed side steal 44
Karl Fulves The Covered Top Palm method for palming the second, third... card from top (even center)
- CTP Notes
Karl Fulves The Cut/Deal Problem three aces and kings are put on top, spectator deals for two players, "self-stacking" 48
Karl Fulves Further Cover for Fulves' "Covered Top Palm"
- Reference Note
Karl Fulves The One-Hand Side Steal 50
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard's Side Steal - Notes By Karl Fulves 51
Harvey Rosenthal New Theory Side Steal in essence a method for sidejogging a block 53
Paul LePaul LePaul's Side Steal 53
Karl Fulves The Peek at the Princess one of five in pack 56
Karl Fulves Steal to Place peeked card is placed (for example at twenty-six) 58
Karl Fulves Double Thrusts behind the back stab of two cards 59
Karl Fulves Placement Palm multiple card with cutting action 60