Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

29 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves Block of Eight spectator upjogs any four-of-a-kind, buried, then rises to top 2
Karl Fulves Inner Strip-Out Addition cards stripped out at inner end, can be upjogged by spectator himself 3
Karl Fulves Pocket Predict card placed in spectator's inside pocket, same card then comes from performer's pocket, spectator's pocket is empty 5
Karl Fulves Fake Pocket Placement palmed out again, spectator's inside pocket 5
Karl Fulves Breast Pocket Extraction card actually comes from left palm 6
Karl Fulves Uncut Version Aces on four piles, assembled, one riffle shuffle, aces on top, including "Other Schemes"Inspired by
  • "Uncut Aces" (S. W. Sarles, Secret Session)
Related to
  • "You're the Gambler" (Precursor XV)
Karl Fulves Block Upjog Technique 7
Karl Fulves Powered Flip-Out as tabled spread is flipped over, a packet with selection on face jumps in other hand 11
Karl Fulves Khyber Pass non-sleight method of facing the pack 13
Karl Fulves Takedown two cards reverse in the deck, then they transposeInspired by 15
Karl Fulves Square Out lost card is spelled to, "Riffle Shuffle Control"Related to 18
Karl Fulves RC Force Riffle Shuffle Control force from incomplete riffle shuffled deck 19
Karl Fulves Riffle Red Riffle Shuffle Control used to divide colors, as set-up for Judson/Brown's Telltale Color 23
Karl Fulves Hopskip card from one half travels to other 26
Karl Fulves Turnover Move 26
Unknown Interrupted Top Change from end grip 27