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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Neal Thomas Law of Gravity Hydrostatic Bottle with milk, milk vanishes visibly partially in bottle, see also p. 342 & 348
Apr. 1970 329
Neal Thomas 5¢ Coke coin dropped in shot glass under handkerchief cover, coin changes to coke, squirting nickel
Oct. 1973 677
Neal Thomas A Puzzle rubber band configuration between fingers, "It should be noted, that Neal is 8 years old."
Related toAlso published here 1978 1127
Neal Thomas Elastic Solution rubber band configuration between fingers
Related to 1979
The Chronicles (Issue 24)
Neal Thomas Strange Interlude No. 62, rubber band configuration between fingers
Also published here 1981 75
Neal Thomas Bang! stack of bills, tapped and one bill jumps out
1982 41
Karl Fulves Bet A Hundred making a number from 101 to 115 appear on display without touching the number keys, with variations:
  • A Hundred Numbers
  • Rapid Numbers
  • Decimal Dilemma (posed as a problem)
  • Masked Memory (posed as a problem)
  • What's Next?
  • Nuthin
Variations 1998 87
Neal Thomas Without Numbers bet that performer can change number on calculator to named number without pressing certain keys
Inspired by 2002 243
Neal Thomas A Creature Was Stirring computer mouse on palm, suddenly the cursor jumps around, confederate with cell phone disturbs connection
Prolix (Issue 1)