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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Bob Carver Progressive Production five coins produced
Variations 1966 377
Tom Ogden Quickswitch transformation routine with four cards, three double facers
Variations 1977 118
Mary Wolf The Two Hundred-Eighty-Five Cent Trick a few different coins put in left hand, they change into a handful of pennies, locking $2.85 gaff
1980 104
Mary Wolf Quick MacDonald three double facers, different vanishes
Inspired by 1980 107
Mary Wolf The Production Sequence
1980 113
Mary Wolf The Cone and Coins Routine Cylinder & Coins with cone and die which grows as finale
1980 115
Mary Wolf Toss Vanish classic palm
1980 117
Mary Wolf, Bob Carver Progressive Coin Production four coins
Inspired by 1980 121
Mary Wolf Die to Half Dollar metamorphosis style
1980 121
Mary Wolf Interlocked Coin Production
1980 122
Mary Wolf Addendum for Cone and Coins Routine tabled stack of half dollars visibly changes into four silver dollars
1980 126
Mary Wolf Mary's Hand-to-Hand Routine four coins
1980 127
Mary Wolf A Little Bit of Coke (a-Cola) "two in the hand..." with miniature cans, then miniature bottle, normal bottle and coins appear
1980 131