Written by David Berglas

Work of David Berglas

48 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by David James.
Language: English

(21 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Peter Warlock Foreword 3
Alan Kennaugh A Kaleidoscope of Talent "offbeat profile" 4
David Berglas Introduction 7
David Berglas Flash Magic on pyro flash material 11
David Berglas Match Replay paper is ignited with blown out match, then paper is blown out and match burns again 13
David Berglas F-L-A-S-H! fire flash appears, apparently strong drink, using cigarette to ignite flash paper 15
David Berglas Flick-Flash shooting a fire ball through the room, flash paper ball 17
David Berglas Pocket Ashtray to vanish a lit cigarette, "The Litcig Vanish" 19
David Berglas Hole-In-One "A Suit-Able Gag", gag, apparently clothes having a hole burnt through them, with gag explenation 21
David Berglas Knot Magic on knot effects 23
David Berglas Knot-Knot an instant double-knot 24
David Berglas Neck Tie looped rope through neck 25
David Berglas Knot Now instant knot, one-handed 27
David Berglas Assorted Knots Monkey Knots
- Triple Knot
- Up-Knot Down-Knot
- No Knot
- Knot Over Monkey Puzzle
- Instant Noose
- Noose with One Knot
- Noose with Knot-Knot
David Berglas Tie-Tie one-handed knot in tie 31
David Berglas Card Magic general remarks on cards and magic 33
David Berglas Spot On wrong card changes to selection, when performer shakes deck 35
David Berglas Palm Spring wrong card put side-jogged in the deck, when cards are sprung from hand to hand, card changes to selection 37
David Berglas Caught Card cards spread on table, when spread is turned over selection shoots in other hand 39
David Berglas Jokers Wild three selections, three jokers turn into selections one by one, sample card turns out to be third selection 41
David Berglas Sitting Pretty spectator sits on selection 45