Written by Roy Johnson
Work of Roy Johnson
89 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis
Language: English
24 entries
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Rex Reader Foreword
Roy Johnson Author's Introduction
Roy Johnson Showcase using a record storing case as container/table on stage
Roy Johnson Matchick match blown out through sleeve, silk in hand transposes with matches in match box
Roy Johnson Close Up Parade chop cup routine with dice cup and balls, combination after dice stacking
  • Phase 1 - Chink a Chink
  • Phase 2 - The Homing Pigeon
  • Phase 3 - Odd Man Out
  • Phase 4 - A Cup and a Ball
Roy Johnson The Cookhill Transposition two cards in signed envelopes transpose, deck of double facers
  • alternative method
Also published here 15
Roy Johnson Nutty brass nut on stick, three phases
Roy Johnson Flawless envelope switch with stack
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 24
Alan Shaxon Flapless - with a Flap - Shaxon with stack of envelopes
Also published here 27
Mike Gancia Colour in View item written on card and sealed in envelope is secretly read
Related to 29
Roy Johnson Ring 'n Rope
  • Phase 1 - The "Bluff" Release
  • Phase 2 - The Pull Out
  • Phase 3 - The Drop Release
  • Phase 4 - The Climax (ring knotted into rope)
Inspired by
  • routine in book "Tokyo Trickery"
Roy Johnson The Houdini Ring duplicate ring with slit, four phases
Inspired by
  • "Johnson Ring Trick", marketed ca. 1970
Roy Johnson Fifty Fifty card stopped at is predicted in different ways
  • Mark 1 (jumbo card in envelope)
  • Mark 2 (52-on-1 card with actual prediction on back)
  • Mark 3 (black Two of Hearts)
Roy Johnson Envelope Switch switching a card while handling an envelope
Roy Johnson Switcherama
Geoff Ogram, Roy Johnson Lightning! mechanical switch-pad, paper pulled inside
Roy Johnson Hades Booktests intro
Roy Johnson Hellfire 1 using playing cards to select page
Roy Johnson Hellfire 2
Roy Johnson None But the Brave two numbers chosen, they correspond to time of pocket watch
Inspired by 68
Roy Johnson That Gum Revisited signed card transposes with inside of chewing gum stick
Inspired by 70
Roy Johnson Supa-Flora eight flowers called out, chosen one predicted in a box, further three chosen flowers are predicted in a letter
Inspired by 74
Roy Johnson Bullseye cased deck in front of target, pistol fired on deck, deck drops and selection remains attached to target with hole
Roy Johnson Time Bomb spectator changes time on pocket watch, performer divines it, repeat with prediction
Variations 84
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