Written by Helge Thun
Work of Helge Thun
66 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: German
10 entries
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Helge Thun Vorwort!
Helge Thun, Thomas Fraps Instant Camera Card deck is used as an instant camera card, blank card (picture) turns into selected card
Also published here 8
Thomas Fraps Miller Change Variation inside cellophane of case
Also published here 12
Helge Thun Hände Hoch! on performing stand-up card magic, featuring a fingertip rest position for the deck
Helge Thun Doppelt Hält Besser Hoch 3 three signed cards are found with rubber banded deck in different ways (band effect, transformation, under a box, located in pocked in cased deck, card through silk with rubber-banded case) twice, last card appears folded and rubber-banded in small clear box
Hiroyuki Sakai, Nicolai Friedrich Band on the Run plus Transformation rubber band vanishes from around deck to trap selection in center, that card changes into another card
Also published here
  • "Herbert und Hermine" (Nicolai Friedrich, Magie, Feb. 2020)
Helge Thun Action Fan Palm card is palmed while closing the fan
Also published here 43
Helge Thun Die Taschen voller Geschenke seven cards selected, six are found in different ways and lost again, then those six cards are removed from different pockets, last card folded in match box
Earl Nelson, Eric Mason "Up" Set
Martin Lewis End Grip Spin
Also published here
  • Cards as Weapons, Ricky Jay
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