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Jon Racherbaumer Swipe "The goal of SWIPE is to refocus attention on the process of re-creation, and how ideas, subtleties, sleights, and tricks evolve from practitioner to practitioner."
Related to 1 Mar. 1991 1
Jon Racherbaumer On the Ace Assembly Plot & Open Travelers general comments, credit information, disagreements with Karl Fulves, Open Travelers credit discussion
Related to 1 Mar. 1991 3
Jon Racherbaumer Swipe on the first issue, Thomas Mallon, plagiarism
2 May 1991 1
Jon Racherbaumer Leftover Popover Hangovers on the "flourish disclosure", credit information on pop-out productions
2 May 1991 4
Jon Racherbaumer Of the Ball-Rise credit information on the rubber ball rising card, originally by William E. Dayton
Related to 2 May 1991 12
William E. Dayton, Louis Tannen On the Rubber Ball Rising Card credit claim for rubber ball rising card method, with 1949 letter to Lou Tannen and response letters
2 May 1991 13
William E. Dayton New-Way Rising Card in letter form, rubber ball rising card
Also published here
  • M-U-M, Vol. 77 No. 11, Apr. 1988
2 May 1991 20
Jon Racherbaumer Swipe
3 Sep. 1991 1
Jon Racherbaumer Thrown By the Switch? credit essay on the Throw/Versa switch
Related to 3 Sep. 1991 2
Jon Racherbaumer Swipe
4 Mar. 1992 1
Jon Racherbaumer On the Impromptu Card Link credit information
Related to 4 Mar. 1992 2
Jon Racherbaumer Deja Vu, Too credit information on shiner usage
4 Mar. 1992 5
Jon Racherbaumer On Ring and Rope Routines credit information on using an extra piece, Edward Victor, Larry Becker, Bruce Allen
Related to 4 Mar. 1992 7
Jon Racherbaumer Who's on Top? credit information on Ambitious Card phase
Related to 4 Mar. 1992 15
Jon Racherbaumer Swipe on the Jack Potter index
5 June 1992 1
Jon Racherbaumer Slug-Fest credit information on the re-deal principle as used in Marlo/Gardner poker deals
  • Selected Bibliography
5 June 1992 3
Jon Racherbaumer About the Illogical Double Lift, Latest K.M. Move, P.C. Change, and Tilted and Turned credit discussion on K.M. Move vs. Illogical Double Lift, and later on the delayed wrist turn color changes à la Cyprian
Related to 6 Nov. 1992 1
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo On the K.M. Move vs. Illogical Double Lift excerpts of letters on this crediting dispute
6 Nov. 1992 3
Jon Racherbaumer Reverse Indecision credit discussion of Larreverse type sleights, spread reverse
6 Nov. 1992 11
Jon Racherbaumer Finding Simple Simon credit discussion of the under-the-spread cull force
7 Dec. 1992 1
Jon Racherbaumer Dip Notes: More Background On the Le Paul Wallet credit discussion
7 Dec. 1992 11
Jon Racherbaumer Still Anon credit discussion of the plot as in "The Upside-Down Deck" (spectator and performer each select card from half the deck and exchange it, then faced-deck Triumph without shuffle)
Related to 7 Dec. 1992 14
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