Written by Laurie Ireland, Various
Work of Various
36 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Charles Aste Jr., Eugene Gloye
Language: English
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Geoffrey Buckingham Super Do As I Do spectator and performer exchange two cards from two decks and place them in their inside jacket pocket, they match
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Al Leech A Double Change Aces into Kings one at a time, then back
Also published here 4
Side Glide
Al Leech Kings on the Loose red Kings change to black, then reverse and travel around in deck
Also published here 6
Harry Riser Preface to Out of this World
Billy Wiggins Billy Wiggins' Card Trick three piles made and cut, sum of outer two values adds up to value of center pile all through the piles
Jack Avis Cards of Sympathy four quartets show up, transform, transpose
Everett Lyda Five Card Super Vanish card vanishes from five-card packet and returns, buckle count
Henry Durkin Turnabout performer locates card in pocket
Henry Durkin Nest Egg card travels into nest of boxes, and also shrinks
Henry Durkin The Spectator's Force spectator reverses card behind back and remembers card next to it
Laurie Ireland, Carlton King Kidnapped top eleven cards are stacked to tell a story involving a card in an envelope that later shows up elsewhere and transposition and sandwich of various cards, and cards traveling to the performer's pocket
Also published here
  • Exclusive Magic from our Notebook, Ireland & King, ca. 1933
Sucker Vanish card pulled under deck, but it is seen and indifferent card is found there
Edward Marlo Marlo's Hofzinser two duplicates, presentation with three glasses (placing block as one card in a glass)
Edward Marlo Shuffle Stop Force spectator stops during overhand shuffle, timing
Edward Marlo Block Handling block of four cards is removed from glass as one card and turned over
Edward Marlo Additional Climax to Marlo's Hofzinser after the three cards changed to the selection, they change into Aces, four-of-a-kind matching the selection is produced from pocket paper-clipped together
Edward Marlo The Buckle Break multiple cards
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Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Count cards spring off right thumb via buckling with diagonal pressure at upper left corner
R. A. Moershall Mystical Location spectator removes cards and remembers card at same position from top, then cuts, performer locates card
Variations 33
Roy Walton A Nervy Card Trick card from other deck matches free selection, both cards change to other matching cards, Mexican Turnover
John Derris Hockley's Prediction prediction written on face of card which is left out-jogged, spectator stops during deal and selection matches prediction
Variations 34
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