Written by Alain Nu
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40 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Alain Nu Intro
Alain Nu Future Influence prediction of named coin(s), in hand
Inspired by
  • Terry Nosek's "Impromptu Influence" from his lecture notes.
Alain Nu Flipped Out II two coins borrowed, one chosen and flipped, prediction is unfolded to predict coin, throw and date
Related to
  • Alain Nu's "Flipped Out" in "M-U-M" December, 1999.
Also published here
Alain Nu Nu-Sense Hummer Monte using ring, watch and key, with prediction
Variations 11
Alain Nu Nu Wave ungaffed
Related to 16
Alain Nu The Gypsy selection is shuffled back into the deck, performer tries to guess card and places four cards on the table, selection is found by spectator
Alain Nu Pointing Glimpse very basic, without credit
in the center of deck at break, while pointing at spectator
Related to 21
Alain Nu Commercial Break three phase routine with stack of business cards, first a card is signed and cut to by spectator then it is placed next to a special card, and as a climax spectator guesses position of certain card
Inspired by
  • Richard Webster's "You Must Be Psychic"
Related to
  • Alain Nu's "Mind Over Matter"
Alain Nu Signagram zodiac divination, verbal
Related to 31
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