Written by Harapan Ong
Work of Harapan Ong
118 pages (Paperback), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Harapan Ong Introduction
The Spread Cull
  • The Spread
  • The Cull
  • Extra Notes
Harapan Ong The Cavorted Aces aces in center, two travel to top and bottom, cavorting aces
Inspired by 19
Harapan Ong Cull the Police! Jacks face-up at different position come to top, burglars
Variations 23
Troy Hooser Slipstream Move
Paintbrush Change
Karl Fulves One-Handed Tilt Get-Ready
Harapan Ong, William Eston Full Deck Oil & Water 4&4, deck finale
Inspired by 30
Harapan Ong Two Heads are Better than One three selections lost, two Kings face-up together, they separate next to two selections, then come together to sandwich third selection
Harapan Ong Slap Me Silly two four-of-a-kind, one distributed face-up, the other on top, they transpose
Inspired byRelated to 42
Harapan Ong, Edward Marlo Modified ATFUS
Harapan Ong The Delayed Cull
Also published here 51
Harapan Ong The Cull Switch card placed in sandwich in spread is switched
Harapan Ong The Buckle Replacement distributing culled cards one by one, double sandwich application in two parts of spread
Related toAlso published here 60
Harapan Ong The Cull Tap Reversal Aces face-up distributed, suddenly face-down on top of deck
Also published here 64
Harapan Ong, Larry Jennings Cull in the Search Team keeping Jennings' wrong-card finale
Inspired by 71
Harapan Ong The Princess Card Trick Revisited thought-of-card vanishes from packet, reappears in sandwich in deck
Harapan Ong Switchsand card in pocket transposes with sandwich card in center of deck
Harapan Ong Scattered Sandwich Aces reversed in center, split up to sandwich two selections
Inspired by 86
Harapan Ong Indicated Replacements Ace to Three inserted by spectator, Ace is one card away from first selection, Two is two cards away, ...
Inspired byRelated to 90
Harapan Ong, Larry Jennings The Buckle-llectors Kings distribute, then assemble around three selections
Related to 93
Harapan Ong Utterly Mental Reverse
Inspired by 98
Edward Marlo Face-up Deal Subtlety apparently dealing cards face-up by mistake
Harapan Ong Variation "Mental Reverse" variation with four Aces on top of deck which change into the four cards the spectator did not think of
Harapan Ong, Troy Hooser Slipstream Packet Switch
Harapan Ong A Convincing Card Fold into quarters with Convincing Control cover
Related to 107
Harapan Ong Cull-our Change face-up card dropped from middle of spread to table, visual change
Harapan Ong Special Thanks
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