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Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli XIII. Variatio Delectat
  • 1. Feuer in den Fingerspitzen (flame of candle is ignited again with fingers)
  • 2. Kerzen-Metamorphose (candle transforms into silk, wrapped in paper)
  • 3. Wanderschaft (Tuch- und Teller-Kunststück) (silk vanishes and appears under plate)
  • 4. Das Chamäleon-Tuch (silk changes color inside tube)
  • 5. Das verschwindende Seidentuch (silk vanishes in paper cone)
1902 Moderne Magie 140
Buatier de Kolta Reproduction from a Candle
  • Buatier de Kolta's Method
and other methods
1903 Later Magic 299
Oswald Rae Candle and Bouquet two candles covered with tubes, transform into flower bouquets, one vanishes in the hands
1929 More Practical Patter 28
Martin Sunshine Candle to Drink
1936 The Jinx (Issue 18) 97
Alfred Schilling, Hans G. Stumpf Unser Lichtertrick candles in box change into silks
1955 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 16 No. 5) 356
Oran Bailey Dent Candliquo candle is rolled in paper and transforms onto liquid
1957 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957) 34
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Color Changing Candle colors of handkerchief and candle transpose, apparatus
1973 The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs 76
Fantasio Kerze zu Tuch mit klarer Handhabung candle transforms into silk
1988 Fantasio 12
Fantasio Die schwebende und sich verwandelnde Kerze candle floats inside a tube and transforms into handkerchief
1988 Fantasio 15
Fantasio Kerze zu Tuch zu Stock candle transforms into handkerchief and later into cane
1988 Fantasio 37
Roy Benson See the Pretty Thing candle changes to feather, feather thrown on floor and lands with loud clang
2011 Magic Page by Page 289
Mike Helmer Pocket Forge "Fathom -- Unsolved Problem"
sealing wax sticks with metallic colors used to stamp wax onto paper, the seals become actual coins, posed as a problem
Inspired by 2019 Alarum (Issue 2 (Winter #1)) 4