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Roy Walton (2)

Title Subtitle Year
The Devil's Playthings A Collection of Card Tricks 1969
Cardboard Charades A Second Collection of Card Tricks 1971

Greg Webb (1)

Elastrix — Volume 2
The Rubber-band Magic of Joe Rindfleisch

Willi Wessel (1)

Joseph Wierzbicki (4)

Title Subtitle Year
Meir Yedid's Finger Fantasies 1981
Best of Friends 1982
Meir Yedid 1991
Memorable Magic English / French Edition 1993

Marty Williams (2)

Title Subtitle Year
A Devilish Miracle 1948
Expert Card Mysteries 1969

Geoffrey Williams (1)

David Williamson (1)

For Your Eyes Only
(German translation by Thomas van Büren Lenger)

Phil Willmarth (1)

Asi Wind (1)