Written by David Britland
Work of David Britland
42 pages (Paperback), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
20 entries
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David Britland Introduction
David Britland Haunted Angel rubber banded deck cuts itself slowly at selection
Related to 3
David Britland Spring Heeled Jacks sandwich cards are rubber banded and cut into deck, they leap out with selection in between
Related to 7
David Britland Business Thoughts business card signed by spectator and put in packet, rubber banded, selection slowly rises up
Related to 11
David Britland Inside-Out Angel rubber banded deck, selection slowly rises out of it
Inspired by 16
David Britland Elastic Thread on invisible elastic thread
David Britland Making the Loops invisible elastic thread loops
David Britland, Finn Jon Adding the Loop how to get into possession of the loop in performance
David Britland The Simple Rise elastic thread loop
David Britland Unloading the Loop getting rid of elastic thread loop after card trick
David Britland The Ultimate Angel elastic thread loop
Inspired byVariations 25
Shiv Duggal, Chris Power The Ultimate Angel - Ideas
Inspired by 27
David Britland Angel Aces four Aces leap out of deck one by one, elastic thread loop
Variations 28
Shiv Duggal Angel Aces with Selection selection shoots out of deck, elastic thread loop
Inspired by 31
Shiv Duggal The Angel of Death cigarette rises out of cigarette pack, elastic thread loop
David Britland Hell Fire match box closes by itself, elastic thread loop
David Britland Mechanical Popper silk appears in empty hand, elastic thread loop
Inspired by
  • "Popper" (Milbourne Christopher, Hen Fetch, Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic)
Related to
David Britland Elastic Thread as Reel Substitute
Related to
  • "Penetrable Silk" (Spalding, Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Vol. 2)
Cigarette to Silk visual transformation
David Britland Angel Ghost dancing handkerchief, elastic thread loop
  • Wakey Wakey
  • Hip Hop
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