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Illustrated with drawings by Ricky Smith
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Ricky Smith Introduction
Ricky Smith Card at any Vowel "card to top" presentation
Also published here 2
Ricky Smith Cherry Control Credits credit information
Also published here 3
Ricky Smith Dealing DPS way to get into "Diagonal Palm Shift
Also published here 5
Ricky Smith Learning Palming
Also published here 7
Ricky Smith On Palm-to-Palm Transfers general comments
Ricky Smith Learning Second Dealing practice tips
Also published here 14
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
Ricky Smith Kepplinger Prediction three selections travel to performer's sleeve
Also published here 21
Ricky Smith, S. W. Erdnase Multiple Card DPS Handling
Also published here 23
Ricky Smith The Bear Trick card travels to case but torn up, pieces restored
Also published here 28
Ricky Smith Shuffle DPS way to get into "Diagonal Palm Shift"
Also published here 30
Ricky Smith The Runcible Card Trick accidentally torn card is put away and spectator selects it again from deck, then it turns out to be paperclipped card from beginning
Inspired by
  • "#*@!" (Jay Sankey, 1990)
  • "Torn & Restored Card" (Bill Woodfield, Michael Skinner's Professional Close-Up Magic)
Also published here
Ricky Smith The Bar on Spring Street spectator selects card, performer then stops springing flourish at three Aces which match selection
Inspired by
  • "Spring St. Aces" (Steve Forte)
Also published here
Ricky Smith Establishing a Break under a few cards, using partial cull
Also published here 41
Art Altman Double Undercut Palm brief
Steve Forte Spring St. Aces Production stopping at an Ace during springing flourish
Ricky Smith The Odds Against Us spectator cuts at his card, then it travels to envelope
Also published here 45
Michael Skinner Loading Technique
Related toAlso published here 47
Ricky Smith Am Impractical Punch For Aggressive Gentlemen - Introduction reprint of booklet
Ricky Smith A Brief History punch (deal) history
Ricky Smith My Experiences
Ricky Smith Putting in the Work
Ricky Smith Utilizing the Work
Ricky Smith Some Applications on using the punch as key card and for various poker deals, punch as pure marking system
Ricky Smith Conclusion
Ricky Smith Recommended Reading punch deal bibliography
Ricky Smith Acknowledgements
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