Written by Stephen Minch

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58 pages (Spiralbound), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Butler.
Language: English

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Stephen Minch Foreword 7
Stephen Minch Mindcast written on six pieces of paper, non-forcing method 9
Stephen Minch Étoile D'Éventualité sealed prediction in wallet, two cards that match two selections, first card is stopped at and second selected by throwing a die, Himber walletRelated to
  • "Sensational Mentalism, Part Four"
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Stephen Minch Whatever's Right coin is hidden in hand, performer matches decision of spectator 33
Stephen Minch Coda - On the Problems of the Negative Outcome in Mentalism essay on accepted positive results over rejected negative ones 35
Stephen Minch New Wave Precognition prediction of a record and its prize, list with sixteen bands 39
Stephen Minch The Rosebud Prophecy prediction of torn piece of newspaper, Koran deck with Newspaper 45
Stephen Minch Plagiarists three predictions of symbols on a board, humorous and clever presentationInspired by 49