Written by David Acer
Work of Michel Huot
36 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joey Incollingo
Language: English
16 entries
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David Acer Foreword
Richard Sanders Introduction
Michel Huot I Really Knew It four Aces, one chosen, "I knew it" written on other three and "I really knew it" on chosen one
Buckle Spread spreading five as four
Brother John Hamman The Flushtration Count
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ The Annemann-Christ Alignment Move
Michel Huot Ultimate Aces three indifferent cards on leader Ace, other three Aces change visually into indifferent cards and Aces are now on leader Ace
Michel Huot The Spring Change packet of double-facer cards secretly turned over for visual change
Michel Huot D'Christmas Tree red light bulb, light plucked out (D'Light) and tossed back
VariationsAlso published here 16
Michel Huot Don't Follow the Leader reds and blacks separated, one of each color chosen and returned, two cards turn over, they are the transposed selections
Half Pass
Michel Huot Acid Trip sugar stirred into coffee, it starts bubbling and lower part of spoon has apparently dissolved
Inspired by 23
Michel Huot Cellular Fun three cards chosen, name of first selection appears on cell phone screen, second spectator holds phone over a few cards and it rings over selection, third spectator phones a given number which answers with third selection
Michel Huot Signed Quarter in Balloon
  • Part I: The Penetration
  • Part II: The De-Penetration
Variations 29
David Acer The Bump De-Penetration alternative phase for the coin in balloon using aerial shuttle pass
Inspired by 35
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