Written by Al Leech

Work of Al Leech

124 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech Preface 4
John Zweers Alfred B. Leech - Magician of the Month Al Leech bio 7
Al Leech Major Surgery one card shrinks 11
Al Leech, Martin Gardner A Typographical Error variation on "Major Surgery", changing back kicker 18
Al Leech Platform Wild Card 21
Al Leech A Bicycle Built For Profit quarters appear on the deck 26
Al Leech Too Small strategy to add a small card to the deck 30
Al Leech Snap Change snap over change with rubberbands 34
Al Leech Crooked Card card changes to a crooked card 38
Al Leech Three Cards Across with handkerchief 44
Unknown The 1971-72 M-U-M Award to Al Leech 51
Al Leech A Card Trilogy Effect No. 1: Card location with four Aces climax
Effect No. 2: Card location with four Aces climax
Effect No. 3: kings turn into aces
Al Leech Coins And Cards four coins appear under four aces 56
Unknown The Coin Star 59
Al Leech Ball Manipulation general comments 61
Al Leech Chicaco Balls The Chicago Ball Trick And A Routine general comments, with sponge balls 64
Al Leech Substitution For Chicago Balls 72
Al Leech A Color Change Routine several color changes with balls 74
Al Leech A Rainbow Routine billiard ball routine 83
Al Leech Thimble Theme thimbles vanish and appear 90
Al Leech Thimbles Unanimous general comments 95
Unknown Basic Sleights thumb palm, thumb palm vanish, thumb palm color change, finger switch, finger's palm, palm & multiple palm 95
Unknown Thumble 101
Al Leech Marksmanship 102
Al Leech A Surprise Related to 103
Al Leech Topsy Turvy 104
Al Leech Thimble And Thread based on "Topsy Turvey", with a thread spool 105
Al Leech Complete Confusion 107
Al Leech Rainbow Thimbles 109
Al Leech Thumbs Up two thimbles appear on the thumbs 110
Al Leech Finger Switch Color Change 111
Al Leech A Penetration thimble penetrates handkerchief 112
Al Leech An Easy Production four thimbles are produced from a silk 114
Al Leech Four Thimble Vanish And Recovery four stacked thimbles disappear and appear 116
Al Leech Complete Multiple Vanish with silk 118
Al Leech Multiple Vanish From A Silk with silk 119
Al Leech Multiple Production From A Silk 120
Al Leech Come And Go 120
Al Leech The Multiplying Thimbles 121
Billy McComb, Hubert Lambert A Deception From Dublin 124