Written by Simon Aronson, David Solomon

Work of Simon Aronson, David Solomon

138 pages (Hardcover), published by Savaco, Ltd.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Simon Aronson, David Solomon Foreword v
David Solomon Jazz A-2-3-4 Variations 1
Simon Aronson, David Solomon Doublestop two selections, two piles, spectator thinks stop on his selection in one pile and second selection is at same position in other pileInspired by
  • "Break Even" (Howard Lyons, Ibidem #4)
Unknown Double Peek Control using running cut 5
Simon Aronson From All Indications... four piles, top card of one pile chosen, top cards of other piles used to count down to mates of the chosen cardVariations 9
David Solomon A Simple Indication four piles cut by spectator, top card of one pile chosen, top cards of other piles used to count down to mates of the chosen cardInspired by 13
David Solomon Packet Turnover as fingers of same hand adjust packet on table 14
David Solomon Spectator Loses the Aces spectator cuts aces in deck, then they gather on topInspired byRelated to 16
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition 16
Frederick Braue Braue Addition & Switch 18
David Solomon Tunnel Vision two cards pushed through at once, they transform into selections 19
Edward Marlo Double Peek Control running cut to table with slip cut 20
Don England English Channel two cards pushed through at once, they transform into selections 31
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Christ Location no-touch cut-deeper selection procedureVariations 39
David Solomon One Shuffle Ten Hand Poker Stack 42
Simon Aronson Quadruple Spellbound Variations 47
Simon Aronson, Yomoji Kuno Kuno's Copper Silver Change Variation 48
Simon Aronson S-O-See Thru coin in box and hand transpose, coins from hand to box, coin in bottom of box travels to purseInspired by 52
Unknown Spellbound Change 56
David Solomon Dis-Assembling Aces 70
David Solomon Modified Elmsley Count cards face-down and right hand turns to show faces 71
David Solomon Two Faced Dis-Assembly two double facersVariations 76
Simon Aronson Countdown Triple Prediction two cards and number of cards in pile predicted 80
David Solomon Pre-set Reset travelers kickerVariations 82
Edward Marlo Marlo vs. the Observation Test Variations 87
Edward Marlo Reverse Spread Display one index hidden 89
Simon Aronson Aronson vs. the Observation Test 92
Simon Aronson Twice Removed Transposition two selections reversed in deck transpose with two Jokers, each sandwiched between Aces, two double facers 96
Brother John Hamman Mystery Card Switch tabled card is sandwiched, then sandwich cards turned over 98
David Solomon Mr. Clean Ace to 5 and joker, joker travels down card by card in this packet, then order reverses 103
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Interlaced Vanish and Collection 108
Simon Aronson Meditations on the Christ Aces incorporating a selected card, inspired by performance of Ricky JayVariations 112
David Solomon Pineapple Poker Surprise A-2-3-4 twisting with Royal Flush transformation, three double facers, credit information at the endRelated toVariations 120
David Solomon Refined Oil and Water 4&4Variations 125
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 128
David Solomon A Personal Note from Dave... about his life in magic, with Marlo anecdotes 132
Simon Aronson A Personal Note from Simon... about his life in magic 136