Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

56 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

(44 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves The Five-Cent Switch same resultVariations 2
Karl Fulves Eliminator card travels from quartet on top to center of pack 5
Karl Fulves A Curious Problem four aces and eight change to four eights and aceRelated to 6
Karl Fulves The Red-Backed Hofzinser Variations 8
Karl Fulves The Phantom Kings from top in center 10
Karl Fulves The Inside Switch same result 11
Karl Fulves Reversed Card Method variation of The Inside Switch 15
Karl Fulves Observe two aces from four transform 16
Karl Fulves Inside Collectors two selections 17
Karl Fulves Single Centers 18
Karl Fulves Collectors Plus Hoffman 19
Karl Fulves Single Card Switch handling a small packet 21
Karl Fulves The Looking Glass Aces five cards with Joker, which changes to four aces one at a time and vanishes, for credits see referenceRelated to 22
Karl Fulves The Four As Five Count 23
Karl Fulves Push Pull similar resultRelated to 25
Karl Fulves The Undistributed Middle using pack, too 27
Karl Fulves Instant Ace Cutting aces dropped on top of deck, instantly four piles formed 28
Karl Fulves Fan Addition 30
Dai Vernon The Push-Down Move to rearrange small packet while showing its order 30
Karl Fulves The Unloading Move 32
Karl Fulves The Mechanical Switch Related to 33
Karl Fulves Note on Grips 33
Karl Fulves Modified Technique handling of The Mechanical Switch 35
Karl Fulves The Reversed Middle handling of THe Mechanical Switch 35
Karl Fulves Double Up using four aces, this is actually page 36ARelated to 36
Karl Fulves Fellow Followers this is actually page 36B 36
Karl Fulves A Technical Variation handling of The Mechanical Switch 37
Karl Fulves Sliding Switch as card is turned over on pack 39
Karl Fulves The Sliding Prediction using Sliding Switch 40
Karl Fulves The Delayed Switch handling of Sliding Switch 40
Karl Fulves, Bert Allerton Topped Card appears on top 41
Karl Fulves Mechanical Cards King to Queen of Spades 43
Karl Fulves One As Two gaffed 44
Karl Fulves The Portable Indice gaffed 45
Karl Fulves Block Buckle with small Packet 46
Karl Fulves The Buckle Switch 46
Karl Fulves Mini Followers 47
Karl Fulves The A/C Technique "Any Card", same result 48
Karl Fulves The Table Ruffle audible convincer 52
Karl Fulves Stop When Ready as cards are dealt 53
Karl Fulves Eveready Force as cards are dealt 54
Karl Fulves Fastbacks small packet, with selection 55
Karl Fulves Bibliographical Notes on the Kosky Switch 56