Written by David Britland
Work of David Britland
55 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
33 entries
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David Britland Introduction
David Britland Toastmasters "A 'revolutionary' sandwich effect"
sandwich cards inserted half-way in deck, pivoted and selection spins out between them
Inspired by 4
Edward Marlo Direct Sandwich Load
David Britland Simple D'Amico Spread
Dr. Jacob Daley Spin Flourish
David Britland Waltz Time "A 'packet elevator' with visions of grandeur"
ends with full deck phase
Inspired by 7
Edward Marlo Tilt
Bob Nelson The Nelson Quickie flourish production
Also published here 9
David Britland Lunch Box "A large 'sandwich' with very few calories!"
card in box transposes with selection, case put in middle of deck on table and flicked out, optional kiss image on case
Related to 11
David Britland Tri-umph "In the midst of chaos something always turns up"
no shuffle, three packets placed face-up/face-down
Related to 14
David Britland Orient Express "The Chinese get the better of the Exchange Rate"
copper and silver coins transpose repeatedly, then change into Chinese coins, inspired by Fred Kaps
David Britland Homeward Bound "A mysterious journey across time and space"
with three silver coins and a copper coin
The Palm Change
David Britland The Mexican Turnover Switch and some Interesting Applications introduction
David Britland Austrian Aces "A simple solution to Johann's problem"
David Britland Packet Version of Mexican Turnover Switch in-the-hands
Also published here 25
David Britland Voo-Duo "Two cards linked by uncanny forces"
card in one half is touched and turned over, mate turns over in other half
VariationsAlso published here 28
David Britland Deck Version of Mexican Turnover Switch deck is turned face up around selected card
Also published here 29
David Britland Bulls Eye "A pasteboard prediction"
prediction written on card, pushed in by spectator, next to prediction
Variations 30
David Britland Packet Version of Mexican Turnover Switch as Force
David Britland The Eyes Have It "An old gambler reveals his most precious secrets"
four Aces appear during the spelling and dealing of the word Mississippi
Inspired by
  • "Mississippi Aces" (Joseph K. Schmidt, Modern Close Up Card Problems)
Gordon Bruce Split Second Production flourish in which a card appears while apparently a single card is dealt
Related to 34
David Britland Master of the Game "A demonstration of your gambling skills"
four Kings put on top and two hands of four cards each dealt, one hand contains all Kings, repeated with same result and Aces in other hand
VariationsAlso published here 36
David Britland Two Step "How to get two hands in a four-handed game"
Kings shuffled into deck, four hands dealt, performer gets Kings, they change into Aces
Inspired by 38
Edward Marlo The OPEC Count
David Britland Dust Busters "The Queens 'about face' then change' for the better"
twisting, then Daley's last with two card transformation
Inspired by 41
Through the Fist Flourish
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Simple D'Amico Spread II
David Britland Room at the Top "Nobody does it better, except the spectator!"
Ambitious Card with King, other Kings show up and then change to Aces
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley Ruse switch-out ruse of one of two cards on top with double lifts
David Britland The Impressionist "Can you have a playing card with four faces? Of course not..."
Universal Card (Joker changes into each of three selections) that disappears at the end
Inspired by 49
David Britland And Finally...
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