Written by David Britland
Work of David Britland
56 pages (Stapled), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
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David Britland Introduction
David Britland Zennerphobia chosen ESP symbol predicted twice
Inspired by 4
David Britland Tandem predicting the ESP choices of two spectators on business cards
David Britland Three Times A Lady two spectators deal face up through a deck each, one card face down, they match and also match prediction, Henry Christ Force
Related to 13
Dai Vernon Vernon Short Card
David Britland Sagittarius out-of-hand selection, performer stabs reversed card next to selection, Henry Christ Force inspired
Related to 20
David Britland Consumer Control chosen ESP card is reversed in packet in envelope, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by 25
David Britland My Name Is Legion deck has famous names on the back of every card, two cards chosen with Gemini Twins procedure, rest of deck blank
Related to 30
David Britland Star-Gazer horoscope chosen with counters with number on them, reading is predicted
David Britland Royal Decree spectator finds out of which King the performer is thinking
David Britland The Shining coin is removed from chain to divine which of five envelopes has the spectator's word in it, word divined, coin travels back onto chain
David Britland The Four Bit Machine number cards from 1 to 16, put in square formation and four are selected, their total predicted
Mel Stover Calender Force
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