Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
24 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
22 entries
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Steve Beam Quadruple Prediction four predictions, four aces are put in the deck at several places, prediction name amount of cards above aces
Also published here 1
Steve Beam Back to Aces all backs with four cards, one by one they change into Aces
Also published here 4
Steve Beam Flushtration Count Variation as all back display, taking cards from each side
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish
Joe Mogar The Explosion Move four thimbles from thumb palm to fingertips
Also published here 6
Joe Mogar Presidential Opener thimble produced from bill, then three more as a climax
Also published here 8
Joe Mogar The Dismount thimbles make plop sound when taken off finger, last thimble when shaken
Also published here 10
Joe Mogar Pop Test thimbles make plop sound when taken off finger, last thimble when shaken
Also published here 11
Joe Mogar The Chorus Line four thimbles on the fingers, thimbles jump from hand to hand
Inspired by
  • Een vingerhoedgreß (Anverdi, Lezing Seminar Lecture)
Also published here
Allan Slaight Sly Stebbins spelling color, number, mate always corresponding to the selection
Inspired byAlso published here 14
Steve Beam Simply Shuffled in the hands
Also published here 15
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display
Steve Beam Chapped lip balm tube vanishes
Also published here 16
Steve Beam Eye Opener II doll hand vanishes, with eye ball gag
Inspired by 17
Steve Beam Color Vision performer always guesses color of cards correctly
Also published here 18
Steve Beam Cutting Class four Ace production
Also published here 19
Steve Beam The Maeb-Y Count right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left, Elmsley Count
Steve Beam Mirror Change with a small packet, rotated in the hands
Also published here 21
Steve Beam Turnabout four Nines turn into four Sixes
Also published here 22
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam, Mike Beam, Joel Givens The Heavy Deck gags with block of steel in card box
Also published here 22
Steve Beam The Underhand Shuffle
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