Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

135 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Edward Marlo.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Systems commentary on fair riffle shuffle and methods in Erdnase 1
Edward Marlo, S. W. Erdnase Handling Of False Cuts And Blinds Inspired by 2
Edward Marlo Closed Shuffle 10
Edward Marlo The Open Shuffle 18
Edward Marlo The Strip Out Shuffle Related to 19
Edward Marlo The Strip Out and Double Cut 20
Edward Marlo Block Strip Out with Upper Cut 22
Edward Marlo Delayed Strip Out Shuffle 24
Edward Marlo Block Strip Out with Triple Cut Also published here 27
Edward Marlo Top Block Transfer (and Strip Out Shuffle) 30
Edward Marlo To Transpose with Top Block Transfer and Strip Out to transpose top four cards with four cards underneath 36
Edward Marlo Impromptu Power two selections, performer makes two piles and selections are at same position in each pile 37
Edward Marlo Top Block Control using block transfer strip-out 38
Edward Marlo Stacking the Last Card avoiding mixing cards into already stacked portion 39
Edward Marlo Block Transfer correct fingering for Strip Out Shuffle Block Transfer 40
Edward Marlo The Block Slip Cut No. 1 after riffle shuffle 41
Edward Marlo Block Slip Cut No. 2 after riffle shuffle 43
Edward Marlo The Block Center Cut transfering a block from center 44
Edward Marlo Top Block Shuffle and Straight Cut riffle and cut, top stock control 45
Edward Marlo To Get Cards to the Bottom from top to bottom with riffle shuffle 46
Edward Marlo To Bring Bottom Cards to the Top with riffle shuffle 48
Edward Marlo The Partial Strip Out to Keep the Top Stock 50
Edward Marlo To Keep the Bottom Stock partial strip out shuffleAlso published here 51
Edward Marlo No Breaks scratch edge marked key card 52
Edward Marlo N.B. for the Top Stock "No Breaks", using scratch edge marked key card 53
Edward Marlo N.B. for the Bottom Stock "No Breaks", using scratch edge marked key card 56
Edward Marlo The Four Ace Cull using scratch edge marked aces 59
Edward Marlo Combination Cull and Stack using scratch edge marked aces 62
Edward Marlo The Crimp Cull riffle shuffle cull, four aces are corner crimpedVariations 66
Edward Marlo Putting in the Work corner crimping aces 70
Edward Marlo Marlo's Roman Shuffle Also published here 72
Edward Marlo Strip Out After Spectator's Shuffle spectator shuffles himself 76
Edward Marlo Fake Push Thru Shuffle really strip out type 77
Edward Marlo New Push Thru Shuffle two methods of handling 82
Edward Marlo If I Were a Card Cheat how to present riffle stacking to audiences 85
Edward Marlo Standard Type Riffle Shuffle Stack 85
Edward Marlo One Side Riffle Stack 88
Edward Marlo One Riffle Shuffle Stacks - For Two Cards featuring Block Set Up principleVariations 91
Edward Marlo One Riffle Three Card Stack 93
Edward Marlo Four with One Shuffle Related to 94
Edward Marlo Combination Stacks - Four Card Combination combining riffle stacking with false deals 95
Edward Marlo Fast Three Card Stack 97
Edward Marlo Fast Four Card Stack - Five Hands 97
Edward Marlo Two and Two Combination stacking two cards each shuffle 98
Edward Marlo Build Up Stacks - Stacking Two Sets of Three stacking more than one good hand 100
Edward Marlo Combination Stack with Bottom Deal stacking two three of a kinds 101
Edward Marlo Stacking Three Sets stacking three three of a kinds 102
Edward Marlo The Four Play Hands stacking four three of a kinds 104
Edward Marlo Four Play Combination stacking four three of a kinds 105
Edward Marlo Faro Plus Seconds - Stud riffle and overhand combination 108
Edward Marlo Key Card System pseudo stacking, actually key cards next to aces, face up deal and second deal 111
Edward Marlo Cutting Aces to Top of Four Packets 114
Edward Marlo Right and Left Block Transfer 116
Edward Marlo Rearranging Aces to Five Order using block transfer shuffles 119
Edward Marlo Combination Cull and Stack 122
Edward Marlo The Block Transfer Applied with Zarrow Shuffle 128
Herb Zarrow Zarrow False Shuffle 128