Written by René Lavand
Work of René Lavand
122 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Juan Tamariz Prologue
René Lavand Dedication
René Lavand Only Old Principles
René Lavand A Philosophy techniques done with one hand for two-handed people
René Lavand A Sort of Reunion
René Lavand Change As You Go switching cards while scooping cards up from table, one handed
Also published here 19
René Lavand One-Handed Top Palm brief, multiple cards
Inspired byAlso published here 23
René Lavand Private Conference Aces change to Jokers and Aces found inside pocket
Also published here 26
René Lavand The Story of Antonio the Gypsy Monte
Also published here 27
René Lavand Slip Cuts photos of various slip cuts, one-handed
René Lavand Switching Hands performer gets Royal Flush
René Lavand False Shuffle one handed, only photos
Related to 34
René Lavand One Hand Palm just two photos, top
René Lavand Zen Tale
René Lavand Lentidigitation
Also published here 41
René Lavand Red and Blacks: "I Can't Do It Any Slower" five phases, one handed, 3x3
Also published here 43
René Lavand The Story of Victorio de Pardu four cards change into Aces followed by Jacob's Ladder
Inspired by
  • Dr. Daley's "Jacob's Ladder" in "The Sphinx" September 1951
Related toAlso published here
René Lavand A Little More on Gambling
Also published here 48
René Lavand Turnover Change with four cards
René Lavand Transposition one-handed
Also published here 52
René Lavand Lavand Double Lift
Also published here 52
René Lavand Turnover Change scooping card up from table
Tricks with a Normal Deck
Tito Martella Sonnet
René Lavand Your Signature in My Wallet envelope inside wallet
Also published here 61
René Lavand Perhaps, Some Day four chosen cards to wallet, Himber Wallet
Also published here 63
René Lavand Old Man River longer gambling routine, story
Also published here 66
René Lavand The Deck is Feminine Aces are found, spectators name numbers
Also published here 72
René Lavand Levitation production of a card from spread, just pictures
Also published here 74
Rosary Deck Routines
René Lavand My Rosary several ideas with a stacked deck, production of named cards, card switch in pocket and dealing into four suits
Also published here 77
René Lavand There are Many Legal Tricks for a Resourceful Gambler memory demonstration, quickly looking through one half of the deck and naming all cards in other half
Also published here 80
René Lavand Another Routine with an Ordered Deck memory demonstration, partial deck switch in context of routine
René Lavand Packet Switch on table, apparently both halves are being shuffled
Tricks with a Prepared Deck
René Lavand Proposal on being ready to perform a routine
René Lavand My Four Giants Aces Aces and twelve Jokers
Also published here 90
René Lavand The Little Martian nudist deck presentation
Also published here 92
René Lavand My Grand Illusion
Inspired byAlso published here 92
My Monte
René Lavand A Sort of Prologue thoughts on the three card monte
René Lavand My Monte ten phases, with sticker
Also published here 100
René Lavand Long Top Change monte switch type
René Lavand I Don't Know Why one of the three Jokers change into selection
Also published here 111
René Lavand ... And I Still Have Three Little Balls breadcrumbs routine, balls placed aside always end up inside cup
Also published here 114
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