Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
36 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings by Jim Steinmeyer
Language: English
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Jim Steinmeyer Introduction on procedural magic
Jim Steinmeyer, Alex Ramon Ovations No. 1, from four cards with messages one is forced with spelling procedure, done with many spectator simultaneously
Inspired byAlso published here 6
Jim Steinmeyer, Robert Ramirez Match, Match, Match, Match No. 2, packet cut off, four-of-a-kind found after some pile-dealing, value has been predicted, reverse-count-placement
Inspired by 9
Jim Steinmeyer Out! No. 3, spectator cuts off some cards, performer and spectator deal simultaneously, performer gets a message card "Out Of Cards Now" and the spectator indeed has no more cards, reverse-count-placement
Inspired by 11
Jim Steinmeyer, Charles J. Pecor Pecor's Clock No. 4, card with message "Your Time" ends up on chosen number in clock layout, reverse-count-placement
Jim Steinmeyer Just Ten Cards No. 5
Inspired by
  • Bob Escher's handling
Jim Steinmeyer Traveling Companions No. 6, spelling days, countries, ... in eleven-card packet to arrive at the four Queens
Jim Steinmeyer The Rosetta Deck No. 7, one spectator thinks of a low card from one half, another from a high card in the other half, both divined, specially divided deck stack
Also published here 19
Charles T. Jordan Divided Deck Shuffle
Jim Steinmeyer Not a Princess No. 8, can be done over zoom if envelopes with card packets are sent out to spectators, performer then shows a packet of five cards and asks questions about matching characteristics to thought-of card
Also published here 24
Dai Vernon Three Times Impossible No. 9, card found by counting down three times to apparently random values, same as Vernon's
Inspired by 28
Jim Steinmeyer Fastest, Neatest No. 10, spelling trick with packet, first letter of value used to spell "fastest" and "neatest"
Inspired by
  • routines in Jim Scott's "Spellbinders, for Teachers and Entertainers"
Jim Steinmeyer Will I Be Lucky? No. 11, spelling trick with packet, finding lucky Ten of Hearts
Inspired by
  • routines in Jim Scott's "Spellbinders, for Teachers and Entertainers"
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