Written by Denis Behr
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93 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Denis Behr
Language: English
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Denis Behr Acknowledgments
Stephen Minch A Slim Note on a Slim Man's Slim Book
Denis Behr Introduction
Denis Behr The Green Card folded odd-backed card turns out to be later signed selection
Inspired byVariations 12
Alexander de Cova Cloth Pin Switch as folded card is pulled off cloth pin
Pit Hartling, Denis Behr Two More Tricks for Allen Kennedy: The First Routine with variation
Also published here 20
The Spread Crimp
Denis Behr Two More Tricks for Allen Kennedy: The Second Routine
Edward Marlo, Guy Hollingworth Jog Center Deal very brief
Denis Behr Home Again further thoughts on "Finding the Way Home" and how to apply it to techniques
Related to 29
Denis Behr Chaotic Chaos Cut running cut from hand to table
Inspired byVariations 30
Denis Behr The Plop Replacement replacing multiple cards into a stacked deck
Related to 33
Denis Behr Chad Long's "Shuffling Lesson" into a Partial Stack to end in half stack
Inspired by 36
Pit Hartling, Denis Behr Messy - The Director's Shuffle triumph using faros, can end in full stack
  • With a Stack
Related toAlso published here 39
Áriston To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards
Also published here 43
Denis Behr Stop It spectator stops dealing at predicted card, repeated twice more
VariationsAlso published here 48
Denis Behr Further Thoughts on the Half Forcing Deck
Denis Behr Shuffled ACAAN handling of two-deck version in which the spectator can shuffle his deck
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 55
Denis Behr A Palm-to-Palm Transfer classic right to classic left
Denis Behr, Christian Scherer Cemented ACAAN Scherer's glued stack principle applied to "Shuffled ACAAN"
Related to 63
Denis Behr, José Carroll Suit Surprise with credit information on the plot
Inspired by 65
Edward Marlo Drag Switch as top card of packet is drawn off onto deck
Edward Marlo Thumb Drag Out Production brief
Neal Elias Cutting Discovery brief
Denis Behr Herbert - The Trained Rubber Band rubber band around deck disappears and is found around selection, repeat with named card
Inspired byRelated toVariations 76
Denis Behr Epilogue on "why magic"?
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