Written by Peter Kane
Work of Peter Kane
27 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Peter Kane
Language: English
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Peter Kane Fiver! selection to pocket, then changes into bill
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Peter Kane The Diamond Robbery sheeps & thieves with cards, two Diamond cards and one Jack under both hands, then two Jacks and four Diamonds under the hands
Related to 2
Peter Kane, Gustave Southall Gil's Game spectator cannot win in red-black game in which he has to select groups of one color
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  • New Pentagram, June 1970
Peter Kane The Chink-a-Chink Aces four piles in square formation with aces on top, O. Henry finish
Peter Kane Acestack one shuffle and player number from Two to Eight
Peter Kane The Royal Families
Peter Kane The Blue Angels
Peter Kane Card Transfer Move from packet to packet, with card perpendicular under small fan
Peter Kane Disassembly odd-backed
Peter Kane The Unkind Cut performer cuts deck in four piles, top and bottom cards are mates
Peter Kane, Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut Variation
Peter Kane The Slightly Annoyed Card blue-backed Ace to Three, red-backed selection, blue cards change to duplicates of selection, then into red-backed Ace to Three, then normal again
Variations 19
Peter Kane Divination, Discovery, Departure cards from one deck are found in another and change into original selections
Related toVariations 22
Peter Kane, Edward Marlo The Sentimental Swiss Signature Switch two cards signed on stickers on face by spectators, signatures transpose
Inspired by 24
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