Written by Gene Grant

Work of Gene Grant

21 pages (Spiralbound), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Kenny Woodward, Jr. Forward
Gene Grant A Miracle Mental Routine messages in envelopes reading routine, drawing duplication as climax, blindfolded 1
Gene Grant Message Reading without a Clue message sealed in pay envelopeRelated to 2
Gene Grant Image-Ray (A Message Reading Idea) with business cards and an envelope, secret reading method 3
Gene Grant Remoto unconventional Q&A routine 3
Gene Grant Psychia 6
Jack Merlin Merlin Shuffle without credit, to bridge the deckRelated to 6
Gene Grant Telemento two decks, three cards are predicted 7
Gene Grant Psychia-Trik spectator turns over and choses a card, performer finds itRelated to 8
Gene Grant Million Dollar Sealed Message Test 8
Gene Grant Mental Music performer divines thought of song 9
Gene Grant The Ghostly Hand name of a dead person appears on slate, flap 9
Gene Grant Challenge Dollar Bill Test bill in envelope and between slates, still performer divines serial number 10
Gene Grant Psychic Phone Book Test prediction of a selected name 11
Gene Grant Phantini's Magazine Miracle prediction, page selected with a card pushed in the magazineRelated to 12
Gene Grant Miracle Design Duplication with slates 13
Gene Grant Delphic Divination prediction on a slip, in envelope 14
Gene Grant Projecto prediction in an envelope, carbon 16
Gene Grant Shades of Cassandra multiple prediction, billet in envelope 17
Gene Grant A Graphic Impression (A Utility Mental Gimmick) wax impression pad, with radar pencil, two methods 19
Gene Grant Miracrypto several object are laid out, thought of is divinedRelated to 20
Gene Grant Variation on Effects additions only in second edition
- Message Reading Without a Clue
- Phantini's Magazine Miracle
- Psychiatrik
Related to 21