Written by Alexander de Cova

Work of Alexander de Cova

16 pages (Stapled), published by Alexander de Cova Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Alexander de Cova.
Language: German

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Alexander de Cova Vorwort 3
Alexander de Cova Ordered Surprise shuffled deck ends up in order, at the position of selection is the Joker reversed and signed selection is found folded and secured with cloth pin, brief explanationInspired by 4
Alexander de Cova Synchronus brief, two spectators choose cards in their hands and find the card of the other spectator, out of handsInspired byAlso published here 5
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 5
Unknown Criss Cross Force 5
Alexander de Cova Magnet-Gimmick magnet in trouser above kneeRelated toAlso published here 5
Alexander de Cova, Philip T. Goldstein, Patrick Page Symbolismus picture cards with different symbols, special stackInspired by
  • Phil Goldstein's "Minds Eye Deck"
Alexander de Cova, Dick Zimmerman Perfect Silk Vanish from milk bottleInspired byAlso published here 8
Alexander de Cova Endless Loop Gag rope in hat, ends cannot be found 9
Alexander de Cova Russian Delivery bill to nest of Matryoshka dollsAlso published here 10
Alexander de Cova David Hoy Deck Also published here 11
Alexander de Cova Premonition Plus briefAlso published here 12
Alexander de Cova Deck Switch Case box that contains two decks 13
Alexander de Cova Das gibt es nicht! ring penetrates on rope when middle of rope is lowered down into hat where ring is in glass, repeatAlso published here 14
Alexander de Cova Design Duplikation Also published here 14
Alexander de Cova Magician's Fooler packet is cut from deck and the rest put in card case, one card of the packet is placed reversed in the center of the rest, all cards are divined, peek case 15