Written by Jamie Badman, Andi Gladwin
Work of Various
50 pages (E-book), published by Underground Collective
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jamie Badman, Andi Gladwin Introduction
Jamie Badman 2X2 two signed cards are lost, first selection travels to pocket, then the second selection, then both cards to different pockets at once
Jamie Badman Kopy Kat two prediction phases, then Do as I Do phase (à la Patrick Page)
Also published here 7
Liam Montier Aces & Kings spectator and magicians have the four Aces and Kings respectively, one chooses a card from the other's packet, then the selections are found
Colin Miller Hollywood or Bust spectator thinks of a movie star which is written on a billet that is torn up, he should think of a movie with him instead, both are divined
Tyler Wilson Matrimoney two coins travel across one by one with borrowed finger ring, ring ends up in wallet, ungaffed
Also published here 15
Tyler Wilson Clean Sanchez two cards with big instructions on it used to locate two selections
Also published here 19
Rob James Psychic Weetabix price scanner in supermarket returns name of selected card when barcode is scanned, additional ideas by Andi Gladwin
Andi Gladwin Safety Zone Ace of Spades travels upwards in packet with three Kings, all change to Aces as climax
Andi Gladwin Combination Cull and Exchange Variation
Inspired by 28
Luke Dancy Dancin' with Dancy Friction Toss extension
Kostya Kimlat Two Ahead with the Deck chosen and thought-of card are found, duplicate
Jack Parker Con-Fusion three cards removed, one chosen, Aces appear from them one by one, three cards change into last Ace, Aces then trap selection in deck
Jack Parker Strip Out Switch Variation out-jogged card are stripped out one by one
Inspired by 36
Jack Parker Cain & Cord coin appears underneath selection in the deck. Then, card vanishes and reappears folded around the coin
Also published here 39
John Bodine Call Me. No Wait, I'll Call You phone rings during location attempt, selection is seen on phone display, card comes out of phone
Jamie Badman, Andi Gladwin The Cheetahs demystified "Biographies and facts on the troops"
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Jamie Badman, Andi Gladwin In Closing
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