For attendees of The False Deal Convention in Dallas, March 2008
Written by Mark Tams
Work of Various
36 pages (Stapled), published by The False Deal (Mark Tams)
Illustrated with drawings by Scotty Johnston
Language: English
29 entries
Cover photograph
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Allan Ackerman Another 76 Trick selection vanishes from sandwich, then sandwich cards are placed in different positions and they come together to trap selection
Inspired by 5
Brett Bishop A Tool In The Toolbox ruse to get duplicate signature, first attempt apparently smudged
Related to 7
Jason Dean Tabling The Convincing Control intro
Jason Dean Double Take touched card is tabled from in-the-hands spread and switched
Related to 8
Jason Dean Fake Take touched card is tabled from in-the-hands spread and switched
  • Control Options
Related to 8
Jason Dean Non-Convincing Control
Also published here 10
Jason Dean Convince Me Not selection lost in top half which the spectator shuffles
Inspired by
  • "The Trick That Never Fails" (Paul Cummins, The Second Deal website, July 2003)
John Guastaferro Double Occupancy two Jokers and two selections transpose, one set in case
John Carney Double Lift Handling from Packet turning two cards over from four-card packet, one of them being a double
Also published here 11
Deck Unload
Mark Aspiazu Key Card Shift key card principle explained but card actually brought to top
Mark Tams LMAO "Laughing My Ass Off", Smiling Mule handling with two odd-backed Jokers, changing moment of cull
Inspired by 14
The Tap tapping a produding card "through" the squared pack, brief
Related to 15
Peter Duffie Off-Centre Point pseudo explanation/teaching, card in center of packet rises to top after counting the packet, bottom deals, Lazy Man's Card Trick presentation
Inspired by 17
Tyler Wilson Ah, Very Near Sloth Control gag method to get control of a card after an incomplete faro control
Cody S. Fisher Mr. T Formation
  • Starting From a Shuffled Deck
Steve Reynolds Fast Track Triumph card chosen after face-up/face-down shuffle, with variation
Steve Reynolds Triumph Cutting Sequence in-the-hands display
Scotty Johnston What A Pity Mr. Bond selection changes into three selection one by one and back
Jerry Sadowitz E. Goods Multiple Shaft with top-card cover pass
Also published here
  • The Crimp No. 27, p. 235
Gordon Bruce, Juan Tamariz Bruce/Tamariz Replacement
John Luka Luka Meets Mr. Lucky spectator chooses all the cards in play, simpler switch
Inspired by 25
Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch
Jon Racherbaumer Helter-Skelter Poker poker deal with ten face-up and ten face-down cards shuffled together
Inspired by
  • "Carbon Footprint" (Paul Gordon, Gold Dust)
Also published here
Michael Powers Delta Force card touched, top half turned over and selection pushed out, switched
Also published here 28
Jeff Pierce You Do As I Do ... Or Else four cards, with several spectators
Inspired by 30
Aaron DeLong Turning Le Paul spread pass handling
  • Variations
  • As a Transformation
Inspired by 32
Tony Miller Shish Kabob spectator shuffles deck with his selection, deck wrapped in paper napkin, spectator inserts knife next to selection
Troy Hooser sdrawkcaB-ssA "Ass-Backwards", spread control to top, light-reft
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