Written by Bruce Bernstein
Work of Bruce Bernstein
60 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
21 entries
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Bruce Bernstein Introduction
Bruce Bernstein Heads or Tails change is thrown on table until one remains with tails up, date is noted, repeated with last coin which is heads up
VariationsAlso published here 7
Bruce Bernstein A Card Reading cut deeper force used for Tarot reading
Also published here 10
Bruce Bernstein Borrowed Princess card groups marked on the fly with nail writer
Also published here 12
Bruce Bernstein Totally Impromptu Book Test numbers on three billets, two are destroyed and last used to select word
Also published here 15
Bruce Bernstein Telepathy and Clairvoyance three numbers on three billets are divined or predicted
VariationsAlso published here 17
Bruce Bernstein A Pendulum Routine spectator signs a business card and tears it up, the pieces are mixed with other torn pieces of business cards, he finds his parts with a pendulum, pieces put in envelope
Inspired byAlso published here 20
Bruce Bernstein Scripted Thoughts spectator's and performer select a card and replace cards in other half, second spectator takes the deck and goes into other room to look for two cards which stand out, they match the selected cards
Also published here 24
Bruce Bernstein Telepathy By ITem list of objects written by spectator, original chosen one is divined
Bruce Bernstein Clip Number two people think of numbers before the show, prediction of total
Also published here 30
Bruce Bernstein, Terry Nosek Number Prediction cards with numbers from one to ten are shuffled and dealt into three piles, two piles are used to form number, prediction of total
Related toAlso published here 32
Bruce Bernstein Triple Prediction prediction of coin toss, chosen card and total of numbers
Related to 34
Bruce Bernstein Mentalist's Force stop force, seventh card and glide as an out
Bruce Bernstein When G Is Called
Also published here 40
Bruce Bernstein Your Card Variation behind back you produce card of same suit and value as spectator's selection, Si Stebbins
Inspired byAlso published here 42
Bruce Bernstein Panticle of Love spectator choses one of five envelopes, only one with special piece of paper, paper with name written is destroyed and performer divines name
Also published here 44
Bruce Bernstein It Takes Two card is chosen and shuffled back into the deck, cards are eliminated, last card is selection, PATEO
Related toAlso published here 47
Bruce Bernstein Five Card Psychometry Test chosen card is replaced and deck shuffled, spectator removes five cards including selection, selection is divined
Bruce Bernstein Three Way Prediction word, number and city are written on billet, using envelopes
Inspired byAlso published here 52
Bruce Bernstein Volition Plus four selections in envelopes, spectators choose their own card, envelopes are numbered from one to four a
Inspired byRelated to 56
Bruce Bernstein ESP Design Duplication deck of ESP cards
Also published here 58
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