Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
50 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Part One introduction to "instant, visual color separations"
Karl Fulves Six Quik 3&3, reds face-up and blacks face-down, could be odd-backed, separation in stages, then at once
Related to 3
Karl Fulves Quik Ending alternate procedure for "Six Quik"
Related to 6
Karl Fulves Push-Push 6-as-6 count
Related to 7
Karl Fulves The Optical Trap sandwiched card is suddenly no longer between other cards when three-card-spread is turned over, see also Cervon Monte
Related toVariations 8
Karl Fulves Color Quik 2&2, reds and blacks mixed in fan condition, when fan is turned over colors have unmixed, visual, multiple phases, selected card appears as finale and signature on it changes into mirror writing
Automatic Mirror Writing
Related to 10
Karl Fulves Outjogged 5-as-4 Count
Karl Fulves A Red Queen Note note on routining
Related to 14
Karl Fulves Red Alert 2&2, "Color Quik" with transformation into red kicker
Inspired by 15
Karl Fulves Super Gaff Method 2&2, extra card produced at end
Inspired by 16
Karl Fulves Final Red Notes notes on "Color Quik" and using two cards stuck together with tape hinge
Karl Fulves Outjogged Counts doing Elmsley and Jordan Counts with outjogged card
Karl Fulves The OJ Count with outjogged cards, spectator adds number cards he sees and gets different totals
Related to 20
Karl Fulves Tying The Knot red and black cards have hole, string through it and pulled up, only one color remains on string, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Part Two on sleight-free oil and water
Karl Fulves Automatic Oil 4&4, three phases
Karl Fulves Arm Twister 4&4
Karl Fulves Diagonal Switch 4&4, mixing process for Oil & Water
Related to 27
Karl Fulves Cornered Colors 4&4, based on previous "Diagonal Switch"
Karl Fulves Lone Impromptu cards mixed face-up and face-down, performer rightens them behind back except for selection
Inspired by 29
Karl Fulves Red Riser some red and black cards mixed, reds rise to top one by one
Related to 30
Karl Fulves Ultra Mix red-black routine comprised of the following tricks
Related to 31
Karl Fulves Vertical 4 four reds transpose with 4 blacks
Karl Fulves The Outjogged Switch
Karl Fulves Whereabouts four cards immediately turn face down and change color
Karl Fulves Scribble 4&4, instant unmix, face-up and face-down
Karl Fulves Interspace notes on "Ultra Mix" routine
Related to 34
Karl Fulves Unmix Problem some reds and black mixed, spectator choses which color comes to top one by one, posed as problem
Related to 34
Karl Fulves Oil & Arabs 2&2, with transformations
Related to 35
Karl Fulves Zen And Water 4&4, spectator mixes cards, posed as problem
Karl Fulves The Cards That Can't Be Mixed 4&4, four phases
Related to 36
Karl Fulves Part Three on strength (or lack of) of oil and water plot and finales
Roy Walton Oil & Water Handkerchief Finale one color penetrates handkerchief, without method
Karl Fulves Oil & Water Suspension Finale all cards cling to hand, one color then falls off
Karl Fulves Backless 2&2, backs of one color disappear in stepped spread
Karl Fulves He's Back red card with invisible back changes instantly into black card with back
Karl Fulves Problem Box spread of four cards placed on card box, two cards vanish and are found inside case, no method
Karl Fulves Mesmerism reds & blacks mixed, they cling to card box, then one color drops free
Karl Fulves Slider 3&3, mixed and placed in box which is flicked with first finger, one color jumps out
Related to 47
Karl Fulves Endings
  • five card fooler idea, trick in which five stepped cards are printed on cardboard the the queen must be paper clipped from other side
  • oil & water packet paper clipped and one color becomes free
Tony Bartolotta Four Of A Kind transformation with gaff, What's New In Magic (1956)
Karl Fulves Red Cards Vanish one color vanishes
Related to
  • first method in "Impromptu Holdouts"
Karl Fulves Color Migration red and black cards mixed, one color travels under other hand on table one by one or at once, posed as problem
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