1960 (ca.)
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Work of Fred Kaps
11 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
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Language: English
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Edward Victor, Fred Kaps Edward Victor's Color-Changing Coins (Spellbound)
Inspired byAlso published here 1
Fred Kaps Okito Box Routine coins vanish from box and appear in hand
Also published here 2
Fred Kaps Coin Across one coin joins the second coin in the other hand
Fred Kaps Drop Vanish
Related to 3
Fred Kaps Silver and China Transposition with a handkerchief
Fred Kaps Hoo Coin Routine
Fred Kaps Coin Through Hand penny is put on back of closet hand and covered with a silver dollar, penny penetrates hand
Fred Kaps Coin Vanish Under Card coin vanishes and reappears under card, with swivel magnet gaff
Fred Kaps Ring Off String ring is released of a string behind a book
Related to 7
Fred Kaps Coin Through Handkerchief
Fred Kaps Twin Coin Production from Card
Fred Kaps Coins Through Table four coins, with thread
Fred Kaps Another Coin Vanish Under Card with thread
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