Written by Ignacio López

Work of Ignacio López

100 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: Spanish

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Pablo Zanatta Prólogo de Pablo Zanatta 11
Ignacio López ¿Por qué los Naipes? 15
Ignacio López En Tres Segundos spectator wants to find selection in three seconds, finds wrong card which transforms into a Two, then an Ace and eventually into selection 17
Unknown Bottom Steal Palm 19
Cardini Cardini Change 20
Ignacio López La Banda Inquieta rubber band appears around deck, selction is trapped by band and eventually hand of spectator and deck is placed inside rubber band and all cards except selection fall 23
Ignacio López El Mundo es un Pañuelo handkerchief on the table to make a deck appear, flap 31
Ignacio López La Lámpara de Aladino Three of Heart changs into the Two, then the Ace and finally becomes blank 35
Ray Kosby Raise Rise to make a card appear 35
Ignacio López Pintaje E. S. Andrews based on Erdnase's second transformation 37
Ignacio López Las Damas Cazadoras Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon's "Millenium Collectors" in "Nocturnal Creations"
Edward Marlo, Ignacio López ATFUS Variation 43
Ignacio López Sueño en Vigilia card repeat with four Aces, at the end selection remains 49
Ignacio López Triunfamos 59
Ignacio López Destino cards are eliminated, remaining one was predicted, Himber Wallet 63
Ignacio López Siempre Dos two coins are sepearated and always end up together, finally they change into two jumbo coins 71
Ignacio López La Reina Inquieta four silver coins travel to copper coin in other hand, at the end copper coin change places with silver coin 77
Ignacio López El Secreto four coins travel from hand to hand, last coin travels to spectator's hand 83
Ignacio López Coin Display four coins as three, fanned 86
Ignacio López Emociones Tornasoladas (Y El Misterio de lo Impsible) on fickle emotions
- Emociones Tornasoladas
- El Misterio de lo Imposible Como Emoción Tornasolada
Ignacio López Simbolismo Oculto on symbolism in magic 95
Ignacio López Epílogo 99