Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
20 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with photographs
Language: Spanish
14 entries
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Steve Beam Pintando Los Ases all backs with four cards, one by one they change into Aces
Also published here 2
Steve Beam Enseñada Flip-Flop as all back display, taking cards from each side
Also published here 2
Steve Beam Compresión de Cartas four Aces compressed into two Tos, into a Four, then card vanishes
Also published here 5
Steve Beam Cambio en X two cards change to selections when halves are rubbed against each other face to face and perpendicular
Inspired by
  • Mark Aspiazu's "Easy Kelly Change" in "The Second Deal"
Also published here
Steve Beam Gloviczki a una Mano production of a card, sticking out of a fan
Also published here
  • Peter Gloviczki's "Pop Out Aces" in "Genii" June, 1971
Steve Beam El Desgarrador two cards are lost and found using incomplete faro fan and Mary Kinson's "Fan-See Card"
Inspired byAlso published here 10
Steve Beam Mortilidad card found at number, number indicates how long person will live
Also published here 12
Steve Beam El Mejor Mago del Mundo humorous revelation of a selected card
Also published here 12
Steve Beam Falta de Información prediction envelope inserted into a ribbon-spread pack, deck is shown to be in order and one card is missing where envelope was inserted, it contains the missing card
Also published here 13
Bill Simon El Prophecy Move
Steve Beam Cambio Enviudador Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
Also published here 15
Steve Beam Viuda en Rojo y Negro red half transpose with black half, with card case
Also published here 16
Steve Beam Cinco de Golpe five selections
Also published here 18
Frank Shields Four Card Display Move flourish turnover of four cards after Hofzinser Card Catch
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