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John Bannon Iconoclastic Aces unexpected early ending
Variations 17
John Bannon The Discrepant Fat Block Switch here for Ace assembly
Related to 18
Frederick Braue, John Bannon Deep Braue Addition & Switch
Related to 22
Edward Marlo Immediate Bottom Deal here from small packet
John Bannon Unlisted Ace Production
John Bannon Syncopated Aces
Edward Marlo, Bob Veeser Veeser Switch with Marlo's Fifth Peel Handling
John Bannon, Bob Stencel Interrobang Aces (?!)
Inspired by 32
Tweezer Double
Alain Nu Line Of Sight (Control) dressed up peek selection
Basic Peek Selection
Steve Draun The Steve Draun Glimpse Fan Glimpse
John Bannon The LOS Control to set up four of a kind for a following trick
Inspired by 51
Jack Birnman Fishing Idea brief
John Bannon Final Verdict
Variations 55
Gary Kurtz Overhand Shuffle Placement to set-up for Final Verdict
Inspired by 56
John Bannon SWAK - Swindled With A Kiss transferring a card from packet in end grip to packet in other hand
John Bannon Cull De Stack cull-placement procedure with strip-out
Inspired byAlso published here 62
John Bannon On "Daley's Aces"
Variations 66
John Bannon On "Twisting The Aces" doing it with jumbo cards
John Bannon Beyond Fabulous Royal Flush kicker
Also published here 71
Lin Searles Moracle anti-faro discovery
John Bannon Mark Of The Fabulous
John Bannon Dead Reckoning floating key
Inspired byVariations 88
David Solomon, Steve Draun S-D Location floating key
Related to 92
Banked Speller
John Bannon Out Of Touch spectator touches his previously thought-of card (from 5 possibilities)
John Bannon, Neal Elias Elias Multiple Shift Handling cards not only in top half
Gary Ouellet, John Bannon Out Of Touch Force Ouellet's "Touch Force" as multiple out
John Bannon Certain Insertion business card is stabbed in deck
John Bannon Dawn Patrol floating key and faro
John Bannon Degrees Of Freedom CATO, Koenig's Tapestry, combo to produce royal flush
Variations 128
John Bannon Origami Poker CATO, Koenig's Tapestry, combo to produce royal flush
Jerry Andrus, Juan Tamariz Andrus Slop Shuffle with a face up/face down deck
Jerry Sadowitz Slop Shuffle Variation culling with the slop shuffle
John Bannon Perfect Strangers CATO, Koenig's Tapestry, prediction combo with rainbow packet
Variations 155
Gordon Bean Postcards Prediction CATO, Koenig's Tapestry, prediction combo with postcards instead of playing cards
John Bannon The Works explanation of CATO principle and the Koenig's Tapestry fold (Dudeney Folding)
  • First Principles
  • Isolating Target Cards
  • Rlues Of Engagement
  • The Folding Phase
Related to 159
John Bannon, Simon Aronson Wait Until Dark Shufflebored combined with Ortiz' Human Blindfold idea
Variations 168
John Bannon Last Man Standing no table
Variations 175
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings The Goodwin/Jennings Display
John Bannon Trait Secrets Gemini Twins with four Ace kicker
Inspired byAlso published here 182
David Solomon Dave's Game Gemini Twins with dollar bills as markers with royal flush kicker
Inspired byVariations 186
David Solomon The Power of Poker
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 189
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