Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

166 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bertram Jr..
Language: English

(90 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Hen Fetsch Wallet Wallop ungaffed wallet, repeat 5
Hen Fetsch Force & Vanish gaffed, similar concept to Geiger Gaff 5
Hen Fetsch "U-NO" ungaffed wallet 7
Jerry Mentzer Sleight of Hand Method ungaffed wallet 8
Jerry Mentzer Banded ungaffed method 10
Richard Bartram, Jr. Bandit Card to Wallet 11
Jerry Mentzer Not Banded 11
Dan Tong Knees Up ungaffed wallet 12
Dan Tong Double Wallop ungaffed wallet, two cards one at a time 14
Jerry Mentzer Endelss Combinations 15
Howard Schwarzman Howie's Handling ungaffed, hip pocket 16
Barry Stevenson Card in Wallet 17
Roy Walton Giant Card to Wallet 19
Father Cyprian French Moroccan Card to Wallet Also published here 21
Charles Penton E-Z plus Signed Card to Wallet 23
Charles Penton The Fan Top Change 24
Karl Fulves "X" Card to Wallet 26
Karrell Fox The E.C. Card in Wallet 27
Larry West The No-Gimmick No-Palm Card to Wallet - With a double Climax 28
Jerry Mentzer Miscellaneous and Theory thoughts about the card to Wallet Effect 31
Jerry Mentzer The Lapel Ruse Kelly Placement Application 34
John Cornelius The Better Pocket pocket design for easier loading 36
Phil Willmarth A Phil Willmarth Idea pseudo duplicate to pocket/wallet 36
Joe Berg Berg's Super Wallet description and four effects 41
Dan Tong Card to Wallet - Himber Note Pad 45
Jr. Fogel Signed Card to Wallet Himber Wallet 48
Billy McComb Roy Roth's "Fastest Wallet in the West" (of Wales) 49
Elbert L. Garner Sho-Gun Wallet 51
Bob King "The Answer Wallet" three fold wallet 52
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Repeat Card to Wallet large hole 54
Paul Brignall The "M"Wallet 56
Bob Downey Out of Sight Card Wallet 59
Ben Martin It's the Reel Thing 62
David Harkey Thunder and Lightning 64
David Harkey Reminiscence 69
David Harkey Stealth Mercury Fold 70
Karrell Fox E-Z Card in Wallet Card Index WalletAlso published here 74
Paul LePaul, Terry Seabrooke, Larry Jennings LePaul Wallet construction, history, refinements (Jennings, Seabrooke) 75
Paul LePaul Cards to Sealed Envelope 80
Don Alan Sneaky Card to Pocket - How Else? 82
Terry Seabrooke Signed Card in Sealed Envelope in Sealed Wallet 83
Jerry Mentzer Sleeve Card 85
Jerry Mentzer Double Back Tip reversed card vanished form pack 86
U. F. Grant Card between stapled File Cards 88
George LaFollette No Palm Card to Wallet and Sealed Envelope 90
Bob King Another Bob King Card to Wallet Idea 90
Ian Baxter Baxter's "LEWT" 90
Ian Baxter "No Palm" LEWT 92
James Lewis One for the Money 94
Jerry Mentzer External Loading Guide two guides discussed 96
Edward Marlo Magnet Steal 96
Tom Mullica Mullica Wallet discussion, basic handling 97
Tom Mullica Mullica Wallet Variation 103
Jerry Mentzer Mullica Wallet - The Demo Routine 105
Richard Bartram, Jr. Mullica Transposition using Mullica Wallet 106
Randy Tanner The Dream Card Revisited no palming 107
Eugene Burger Signed Card in Wallet Mullica Wallet 111
David Parr Mullica Plus Prediction Mullica Wallet 113
Scotty York Two for Mullica Mullica Wallet 114
Richard Himber Himber Wallet description 119
Richard Himber Switching with the Himber Wallet 120
Jerry Mentzer Card to Wallet with the Himber Wallet 121
Ed Brown The Ed Brown Wallet construction and Routine 122
David Bendix Bendix Bombshell Wallet description and routine 124
Roy Roth A Roy Roth Alternative 126
Edward Marlo Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation 127
David Solomon Two Selections and a Wallet 127
David Solomon The Wallet Game 128
Edward Marlo Marlo'S Wallet Combination with alternative ending 129
Roy Roth The Roy A. Roth Bombshell Routine 130
Bob Driebeek The Aenigma Bombshell Routine 131
Peter Isaacs C.B.S. Transpo one in wallet, one in envelope 132
Larry Becker Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret 132
Karrell Fox A Better Bendix 135
Jerry Mentzer Bendix Bombshell Himber Wallet observation 136
Ed Balducci Card in Wallet Balducci Wallet 139
Fred Kaps The Working Performer 141
Jim Lee Into the Case "Magical Lee" 141
Arthur Emerson, Larry West The Pocket Secret-Ary 142
Arthur Emerson Pocket Secret-Ary Stand up Handling 145
Jerry Mentzer Card Rise from Wallet Magical Lee card rises from wallet 153
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Any Wallet 154
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Sho Gun Wallet 155
Jerry Mentzer In Case - Himber Wallet 155
Jerry Mentzer In Case - No Signature 156
Tom Craven Signed Wallet to Card Case 159
Barry Govan The Joker and the Wallet each of the aces transposes with Joker in wallet 159
William P. Miesel A Porous Wallet see "The Joker and the Wallet" 161
Steve Dusheck Case of Identity almost card to wallet effect 163
John Riggs Wallet to Card wallet changes into giant cardAlso published here 165