Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

101 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction on the history of rubber bands 3
Joseph K. Schmidt, Karl Fulves Tension Trap rubber band tossed to table, sandwich with selection pops outInspired by 5
Joseph K. Schmidt, Karl Fulves Power Loading "Impromptu Haunted Deck" 6
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [A] types of bands 8
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [B] repeat Impromptu Haunted Deck 9
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [C] handling detail 10
Dai Vernon Band o'Notes [D] double cut with instant breakRelated to 10
Joseph K. Schmidt Band o'Notes [E] card pops out reversedRelated to 11
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [F] packets instead of deck 12
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [G] - Boxed Set card pops out between two rubber banded cases 12
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [G] - Rubber Bands, How Sized chart with sizes 13
Karl Fulves Band o'Notes [H] - Hof And Hof 14
Karl Fulves Bandini QD & KD in banded deck, king penetrates rubber band visually together with butter knife, queen pops out 14
Karl Fulves Cardboard Roulette five card cases on table, AS chosen from another deck, all decks removed one by one, face-up AS pops out of one deck and four Jacks from the otherRelated to 16
George Sands Lucky 13 Force one of five objectsRelated to 18
Karl Fulves Luck & Roulette russian roulette presentation of "Cardboard Roulette"Related to 19
Karl Fulves Shoot Out backs of different decks transpose, popping out of banded decks, posed as problem 19
Karl Fulves Drag & Drop rubber band, transfer from one half to the other, see also p. 73 19
Karl Fulves Peek Performance card peeked at from rubber banded deck, deck tossed to table and selection springs out 21
Karl Fulves Banded Peek Force 22
Karl Fulves Ace Pop Out aces inserted in rubber banded deck, names ace pops out when deck is tossed to table 24
Karl Fulves Seven Sees spectator removes seven cards and signs one, they're inserted in rubber banded deck, selection pops out and has odd back 25
Karl Fulves Bouncer card jumps out of rubber banded deck, another is reversed and leads to second selection, four Aces show up 28
Karl Fulves Hz/Yrs stranger card shown and placed on table, another card shown (AS), stranger cut into rubber banded deck, it pops out and has changed into AS 29
Karl Fulves Banded Braue Reverse with rubber banded deck 30
Karl Fulves Color Bands red rubber band around red cards, black around black cards, halves together and bands exchanged, halves change as well, posed as problem 31
Karl Fulves The second problem card from black half travels to red half, halves rubber banded, posed as problem 31
Karl Fulves Stretching A Straight five unseen cards, spectator decides how many should be removed, banded deck dropped on table and that many cards pop out and complete an ace-high straightInspired by 33
Karl Fulves Crooked Straight two straights for performer and spectator, but performer has higher one, performer's hand pops out of banded deckInspired by 34
Karl Fulves Future Event chosen card pops out with 4 other cards to complete a full house when rubber banded deck is tossed on table 36
Karl Fulves Aces From Where dealing bottoms from rubber banded deck, one aces pops out from center 37
Karl Fulves Locket Up Deck dealing bottoms from rubber banded deck, using Dr. Elliott deal 40
Karl Fulves Twist Again ways to wrap the deck
- All-Round Twist
- Pre-Show Kink
Karl Fulves Rules Of Disengagement - (A) Glider freeing a card from banded deck 47
Karl Fulves (B) On The Bias control of inserted card(s) reversed to bottom with rubber banded deck 48
Karl Fulves Air Mail Special two cards secretly shot from deck above spectator's head to confederate à la Paper balls over the head 49
Karl Fulves Band Bounce deck encircled with rubber band, then suddenly only half the deck, then only selection, progressiveRelated to 51
Karl Fulves Ambitious Rubber Band some cards rubber banded near bottom, band jumps to top card, no method 53
Karl Fulves Hof Springer 54
Karl Fulves Credit And Aces spectator's credit card put in rubber banded deck, jumps out next to named ace 55
Karl Fulves Band Speech coding with rubber band around deck 56
Karl Fulves Band Of Brothers a jack jumps from rubber banded deck, one of the other three jacks changes into selection 57
Unknown Rubber Band Heat rubber band becomes hot when stretched, reprinted from "The Big Stretch" (Ada & Frank Graham, 1985) 59
Karl Fulves Slide Steal packet with all royal flushes, four of one suit removed, packet rubber banded, final one jumps out 61
Karl Fulves Rubber Drag Steal used to steal/drag card along secretly, see also p. 73Related to 62
Karl Fulves 'Tween Twist rubber band hidden, used to pop out card 64
Karl Fulves The Hunt For Diamonds two cards chosen, deck thrown in paper bag and mixed, performer removes all diamonds without looking and then names selections, hidden rubber bandRelated to 66
Karl Fulves Stretching Exercises card location with hidden rubber band in deck, then a rubber band vanishes and reappears in deck around some card and a selection jumps out 68
Karl Fulves Two To One spectator and performer cut to same card with handkerchief covered deck, hidden rubber band 71
Karl Fulves Card to Wallet Steal getting card under wallet 73
Karl Fulves Good Trick Gone Bad card vanishes, then rubber band appears around chosen card in deck 74
Karl Fulves Jack's Game one ace chosen, aces pushed in rubber banded deck, four cards jump out, they're chosen ace and three jacks 76
Karl Fulves Teaching The Twist rubber banded deck twists on palm 78
Karl Fulves Double Play double pop-out with "Impromptu Haunted Deck", posed as problemRelated to 80
Karl Fulves Vulcan Deck rubber band around deck vanishes, then long spread between hand is madeInspired by 81
Karl Fulves Going In Reverse two selections, rubber banded deck breaks into two packets at chosen card, other is reversed 83
Karl Fulves Rule Of Three "played for laughs" 85
Karl Fulves Push Button chosen card travels to rubber banded half and jumps out 88
Karl Fulves Magnetic Mix-Up two rubber banded halves on top of each other, bottom one is lifted when top one is lifted 90
U. F. Grant, Karl Fulves Elasti-Scape chosen card between two rubber banded decks vanishes, jumps out of one of the packets, "slightly modified handling" for Grant's trickInspired by 93
Karl Fulves Rubber Band References "partial list of about five dozen tricks published" by Fulves 98