Written by Jochen Zmeck

Work of Jochen Zmeck

32 pages (Stapled), published by Zentralhaus für Kulturarbeit
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

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Jochen Zmeck Einleitung 5
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation how to gaff for rough-smooth, different recipes and how to apply them
1. Standard-Tinktur
2. Kolophonium-Lösung
3. Mastix-Lösung
Related to 7
Jochen Zmeck Forcierspiele forcing decks, chapter intro 10
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Forcierspiel partially roughed Svengali deck, mirage 10
Jochen Zmeck Hypnose multiple spectators chose the same card, routine for Svengali type decks 11
Unknown Spectator Locates Card Related to
  • "Routined Manipulation 1" (Lewis Ganson)
Unknown Stabbing in Newspaper Related to
  • "Routined Manipulation 1" (Lewis Ganson)
Unknown Card on Spectator's Back Related to
  • "Routined Manipulation 1" (Lewis Ganson)
Walter Wenger Die Drei Wünsche spectator finds his card after making several choices, mirage type deck, ends cleanAlso published here
  • Magie, Vol. 36 No. 4, April 1956
Jochen Zmeck, Ralph W. Hull Schneller als das Auge ambitious phases with mirage deck, also as double ambitious phase 14
Unknown Der zerrissene Gedanke deck is cut in half, two half-cards are chosen, they match and form a single card 15
Al Baker Al Bakers Nummer-Force with number cardsAlso published here 16
Jochen Zmeck Geistino-Effekte brainwave type effects, chapter intro 17
Unknown Der "alte" Geistino-Trick invisible deck 17
Unknown Der "neue" Geistino-Trick face-to-face set-up for invisible deck 17
Unknown Grün-Rot-Geistino brainwave deck but without the reversed part, card named that is seen 18
Wim Cloostermann Geheime Kräfte performer signs unknown card from red deck on back and puts it into blue deck, spectator choses face-up card and signs it on face, it is the odd-backed signed cardAlso published here
  • Magische Welt
Ralph W. Hull Die magnetische Kartenkontrolle using two decks, spectator names odd-backed card, using red-blue backed rough-smooth deckAlso published here 19
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Kartenspiel und Briefmarke spectator sticks stamp on back of any card, this card happens to have a stamp on the face as well and is predicted 19
Peter Warlock, Jochen Zmeck Doppeltes Geistino spectator touches card, it is reversed in another deck, repeat with different method 20
Jochen Zmeck Das Mene-Tekel-Spiel roughed short/long menetekel and applications
1. card to top
2. card through table
3. divination
4. rising card
5. card to pocket
6. card travels between two slates
7. having multiple cards chosen
Jochen Zmeck Ein Zweimännertrick 22
Unknown Die Kartenwanderung 22
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein, Jochen Zmeck Der Hexenring cards travel from glass to glass, partial rough/smooth 23
Arthur Rasper Karo Dame auf Wanderschaft four blank cards in three glasses each, the Queen of Diamonds travels into chosen glass, then around to another glass, partial rough-smooth 25
Jochen Zmeck Mein Rauh-Glatt-Kümmelblättchen partial rough-smoothVariations 26
Arthur Rasper Die im Quartett wandernde Karte partial rough-smooth with three sectionsInspired by 27
Arthur Rasper Kartenpaar-Wanderung von Glas zu Glas two Aces in one glass transpose with King and Queen of Clubs in another glass, partial rough-smooth 30
Malvano Kartenwanderung twelve black cards in one envelope, three red cards from twelve red cards named, they travel across 32