Written by Jochen Zmeck
Work of Jochen Zmeck
31 pages (Stapled), published by Zentralhaus für Kulturarbeit
Illustrated with drawings
Language: German
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Jochen Zmeck Meine lieben magischen Freunde!
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation tips for applying rough-smooth
Related to 4
Die verrückte Zehn ten cards, two spectators chose one each by naming a number which is counted to, they are the same card, the rest are duplicates of another card
Dai Vernon Brain-Wave-Deck
Jochen Zmeck Geistino-Perfekt brainwave effect with different deck, twenty-six double facers alternate with twenty-six red/blue double backers, partial rough-smooth
Jochen Zmeck Vorherbestimmt oder vorausgesagt? four Queens in envelope, one is named, it is odd-backed and reversed, repeated with Kings, partial rough-smooth
Dreimal andere Farbe three cards selected freely while performer deals through deck, they are the only odd-backed cards
Gestempelt! card freely selected, stamp put on back, a seal mark appears on it
Tan Hock Chuan, Jochen Zmeck Das Meister-Spiel deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins or other arrangement, also for clean removal of three cards from deck out-of-hand, number force for book test
Also published here 10
Jochen Zmeck Kartenwanderungen comment that a deck which he read about, in which any reversed card disappears (all faced roughed), is not practical because the preparation doesn't hold up over time
Kartenverwandlung three cards shown, center card tabled, it changes, partial rough-smooth
Jochen Zmeck Kartenverwandlung trotz anderer Rückseite three cards shown, center odd-backed card tabled, it changes, partial rough-smooth
Related to 13
Arthur Rasper Sittenpolizei packet trick with story presentation, pin-up girl on card as finale, partial rough-smooth
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Die verwandelte Dame pin-up girl on card as finale, partial rough-smooth
Conrad Schmoranzer, Jochen Zmeck Die Kontrollkarte cards put in glass, spectator selects card that are added, the pairs do not match, then they do, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by
  • "Die Kontrollkarte", MAGIE, 4/1963
Jochen Zmeck Karten verwandeln sich two cards chosen, two wrong cards found, they are put face-to-face and change to selections, partial rough-smooth
Jochen Zmeck Die Kartenfabel Seven, Eight and Nine of Diamonds change into Aces, then into other cards, then back into original cards, story presentation, partial rough-smooth in three sections
Inspired by
  • "Die unzufriedenen Piks" (MAGIE)
Jochen Zmeck Irrtum using picture card for children for transformation routine, partial rough-smooth
Aldini Gedankendrucken nudist deck variations
  • Methode 1: Das Rasputin-Spiel
  • Methode 2: Aldinis Spielkarten-Presse (named card is printed)
Also published here
  • "Rough Stuff" (Al Aldini & Joe Berg)
Jochen Zmeck Tuwit
Inspired by 24
Tan Hock Chuan Ruhelose Karten seven cards are shown, squared, then alternating face-up/face-down, repeated, partial rough-smooth
Also published here 26
Arthur Rasper Das Farbkartenmedium five color cards are placed in stand or glasses, spectator gets another five cards and manages to place them to the matching cards, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by 27
Jochen Zmeck Symbol-Trix five ESP cards, one put aside, four spectators each look at a card, they all have the same, but this one is not there but the one on the table
Arthur Rasper Der neue Geisterblock blank cards shown from both sides, one chosen, put in envelope with two holes, card marked through holes, yet a message appears on card
Inspired by
  • Out-to-Lunch principle
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