Written by Edward Marlo

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142 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Charles Aste Jr..
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Foreword 1
Unknown, Edward Marlo Unorthodox Second Deal top card is buckled, also as third deal by Marlo 2
Edward Marlo "Seconds, Centers, Bottoms" introduction 5
Edward Marlo The Master Grip and Deal normal deal 7
Edward Marlo New Push Out Bottom Deal Unit Movement 9
Edward Marlo Double Deal 11
Edward Marlo The Over Count selection found at a freely chosen numberRelated to 11
Edward Marlo The Bottom Deal Count rearranging cards while counting them in the hands via bottom deals 12
Edward Marlo Strike Bottom Deal 14
Edward Marlo Strike Bottom Deal Count rearranging cards while counting them in the hands via bottom deals 15
Edward Marlo The Second Deal 16
Edward Marlo The Take Second Deal 16
Edward Marlo The Push-Off Second with suggestion to push off two cards every time 17
Edward Marlo The Stud Deal introduction 19
Edward Marlo The Havana Deal or "The Myth of Manuel Pedro" commentary on the Havana Stud Bottom Deal, no technical description 20
Edward Marlo The New Bottom Stud Also published here 21
Edward Marlo The Stud Second 22
Edward Marlo The Push-Off Stud 24
Unknown The Sail 25
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal 26
Edward Marlo One Hand Count Down selection appears at named small number, bottom deal 27
Edward Marlo Shifting the Grip A- Shifting The Inner Corner
B- The Shifting Forefinger
C- Shifting The Thumb
D- Beveling the Pack
Edward Marlo Two Strike Methods 31
Edward Marlo Special Push-Off Techniques: The Second Deal Count 34
Edward Marlo Small Packet Second Deal 37
Edward Marlo Push-Off Technique from break 37
Edward Marlo First Example packet is spread out and cards are hidden, triple buckle substitute 38
Edward Marlo Second Example in example: twelve as nine 39
Edward Marlo Third Example a card vanishes from a small packet 40
Edward Marlo Fourth Example spreading five as four 40
S. W. Erdnase, Edward Marlo The Side Push-Off Second Related to 41
Edward Marlo The Related Bottom Deal 44
Edward Marlo The Throw Bottom Deal two versions:
- The Outward Deal
- The Inward Deal
Related toVariationsAlso published here 45
Edward Marlo My Favorite Stop Effect from a routine called "Never Miss" 49
Edward Marlo The Deep Bottom Deal 50
Edward Marlo The Moveable Thumb applied to the bottom deal 51
Edward Marlo, Neal Elias The Clip Bottom Deal cards are dealt into right hand, then apparently top card of right hand cards is placed on table, in reality bottom card 51
Unknown The Movie Second unorthodoxRelated to 54
Edward Marlo The Deep Second 56
Edward Marlo One Hand Stud Second new theory style 57
Edward Marlo The Hit Deals two handlingsVariations 60
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico One Hand Second with credit information 63
Edward Marlo From Out of Nowhere D'Amico's one-handed second deal as a production 67
Carmen D'Amico A D'Amico Variation on the table 68
Stanley James Stanley James Stud Second unorthodox hit style 68
Edward Marlo Variations of D'Amico's Deal: The Top Card Deal 70
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal Variations of D'Amico's Deal 70
Edward Marlo The One Hand Center Deal Variations of D'Amico's Deal 71
Edward Marlo Marlo One Hand Second 72
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Variation: A. As a Color Change exchanging top two cards 74
Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo B. As a Production of Selection appears on top of deck 75
Carmen D'Amico C. As Production of Aces aces appear one by one face up on pack 75
Edward Marlo D. As Ambitious 75
Edward Marlo E. As a Vanish substitute for tent vanish 76
Carmen D'Amico F. D'Amico's Favorite card through leg 76
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico G. Marlo's Routine card through leg, multiple phases 76
Unknown The S.F. Grip from Maskelyne's book "Sharps and Flats", all left fingers at the right sideAlso published here 78
Edward Marlo The S.F. Bottom Deal variation of deal in "Sharps and Flats"Also published here 79
Edward Marlo The S.F. Second Deals two methodsAlso published here 80
Edward Marlo S.F. Natural Second Deal Also published here 82
Warren Wiersbe Wiersbie's Double Deal to the left side, see also "Added Technique for Wiersbie Double Deal" on page 85 82
Edward Marlo Marlo's D.D. Stop using double deal 83
Edward Marlo M.S.F. One Hand Bottom Modified S.F. Grip 84
Edward Marlo Missing Finger Deals finger(s) are curled under deckAlso published here 85
Edward Marlo, Jerry Kogan Streamlined Dunbury Delusion using bottom deal 86
Edward Marlo Off the Face Seconds a bit similar to the Downs Change 88
Edward Marlo Pinky Count here credited to MarloRelated to 88
Edward Marlo Mechanical Seconds effect application: aces change to kingsRelated toVariations 90
Edward Marlo Technical Variations of Marlo's "Mechanical Seconds" described before, two variations 91
Edward Marlo Tabled Bottom Deal two methods 93
Edward Marlo Tabled Seconds Related to 94
Edward Marlo Exhibition Center Deal similarities to Kennedy Center Deal 96
Edward Marlo Center Deal center deals worked out after seeing Zingone exhibition movie 96
Edward Marlo Step Center Deal 98
Edward Marlo Weakling's Center Deal if hand is not strong enough to buckle half the deck 100
Edward Marlo The Strike Center 101
Edward Marlo Side Steal Center Deal take from above 102
Edward Marlo On The Cut retaining step after cut, End Jog and Side Jog 103
Edward Marlo The Experts Dunbury "My Favorite Center Deal Effect" 104
Edward Marlo The Tabled Center Deal 106
Edward Marlo Center Dealing Comments thumb must be moving 107
Edward Marlo Center Double Deal short mention, from Erdnase grip 107
Edward Marlo Marlo Center Deal from step 108
Edward Marlo Variations of Marlo C.D. from step, two variations 109
Edward Marlo One Hand Center Deal stud type 110
Edward Marlo Marlo's Push Off Unit Control 111
Edward Marlo Face Up Assembly spectator shuffles cards into deck, yet they are all together again 114
Edward Marlo Order of Aces magician predicts order of aces in freely shuffled deck 115
Edward Marlo The Jack Deal three jack deal without extra jack 116
Edward Marlo Let's Start Over aces are stacked with faro and four hands are dealt, yet aces are on top again 116
Edward Marlo "He's My Partner" dealing four aces to partner after deck is shuffled 117
Edward Marlo On "Holding Out" tips 117
Edward Marlo Exhibitionism openly dealing thirds and fourths 118
Edward Marlo Invisible Aces aces from deck to pocket 118
Edward Marlo Easy Unit Control 120
Edward Marlo The Fan Deal to enable one to deal out any card from a fan unit consisting of five or more cards 122
Edward Marlo The No Touch Theory three methodsRelated toVariations 124
Edward Marlo No Touch Stud Deal 128
Edward Marlo Marlo's Strike Unit Control Variations 129
Edward Marlo Cover Ups more visual deceptiveness for false dealing with:
- The Downward Deal
- The Upward Deal
- The Backward Deal
- Principle of the Wrist Turn
- About Noise
Edward Marlo Concluding Observations 135
Edward Marlo The Opening Gambit stacking a hand while dealing through the deckRelated to 136
Edward Marlo A. Psychological Stop Effect starts seventh 137
Edward Marlo B. As an Exchange second deal 137
Edward Marlo C. Spelling out an Unknown Card second deal 137