Written by Oliver Erens
Work of Various
112 pages (Hardcover), published by Oliver Erens - œ
Illustrated with drawings by Frank Rosenberg
Language: German
38 entries
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Oliver Erens Vorwort
David Acer No Holes Barred two holes punched in card, one is dragged across
Also published here 7
Alexander Adrion, Cardini Vier Asse im Visier three short duplicates, attributed to Cardini
Michael Ammar Fast Fold into sixth under packet
Michael Ammar Fist of Frost folded card put in hand, water poured into hand, it freezes in hand and the card is found inside an ice block shaped like the inside of a hand
Inspired by 18
Jack Carpenter Jack's Backs four double backed cards are printed, ungaffed
Also published here 23
Buckle Count
Diminishing Lift Display for packet all-backs
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Edward Marlo Olram Count Handling
Paul Daniels Meine Karte in Brieftasche using five credit cards with cards on their back as index in wallet
Ernest Earick Double Damned
Also published here 35
Oliver Erens Neue Karten-Terminologie humorous article on terminology in card magic
Also published here
  • Magische Welt, 1991
Oliver Erens Blanko - in Zeitlupe card becomes blank, then another card becomes blank in stages (reverse Apparition)
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo Illogical Double-Lift
Roberto Giobbi Quick Business four white cards, performer writes contact information on one which then appears on the other three as well
Inspired by 49
Francis Carlyle False Turnover
Philip T. Goldstein Cruz Control spectator cuts at an Ace, then other three Aces are produced
Also published here
  • "Cruz Control" (Phil Goldstein, The Linking Ring one man parade, 1995)
Gary Kurtz Inside / Outside two stapled cards turn inside out
Also published here 59
Gary Kurtz Unidirectional Turnover
Paul Harris Snap Count
Terry LaGerould Lesson in Larceny fake bottom and center demo
Also published here 66
Swivel Cut
False Swing Cut
René Lavand I Can't Do It Any Slower! 3&3, six phases, deck finale
Also published here 73
René Lavand Lavand Double Lift brief
Also published here 76
Daryl Martinez Double Dazzling Triumph two selections, deck shuffled face up into face down, two cards are reversed, indicator cards to find selections, then deck is separated into red and black cards
Also published here 79
Daryl Martinez Triumph Cutting Display
Gary Ouellet The Olympic Challenge signature transposition, two decks
Also published here 84
Gary Ouellet Touch Force
Santo Sortiert
James Swain The Airmail-Card Triumph done with signed card, this card is then removed from wallet with different back design and stamp
Also published here 92
William Goodwin Block Turnover Force from spread, Two Ton Transpo
Also published here 94
Helge Thun Rollmops bill vanishes and is found in case wrapped around signed selection
José de la Torre Supreme Prediction performer removes ten cards, spectator names number up to ten, card at that position is predicted
Stephen Tucker Xerox-Cards signature multiplies on blank cards
Also published here 104
Thomas Waldeck Pentium Card 52 routine with computer presentation, signed card attached to floppy disk, deck sorted at the end
Also published here 107
Red Black Overhand Shuffle Jordan/Ireland
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